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located in Asteria, a part of Astrologia Eclipse, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Nadya Irne Character Portrait: Kaveh Mehrzan Character Portrait: Sanctuary A. Virgo Character Portrait: Einosuke Saitou Character Portrait: Jamarreon Lacero Character Portrait: Dragan Úna Aries
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Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ◆ #8aa5a5

Nadya made no response to Sanctuary's offer of guidance to their gem aside from a slight inclination of her head to indicate she had heard. Nadya would not mention yet that she had no plans to let herself be alone in enemy territory, even for such a task as the King's ritual. Despite the apparent genuineness of Virgo's words, Nadya gave the other woman little trust. She was an enemy, and experience had taught Nadya that even allies could betray your trust. No, she would take support with her or she would not go at all.

She watched as the remaining rulers made themselves heard. Any good from Aries' agreement seemingly dashed as he flung a knife at his guardian. Typical. Dauphina's words filled Nadya with pride. Her friend was strong, and proved as much with her eloquent speech. Nadya had no doubt that Dauphina was more than a match for a brute such as Dante. Though she wished her neighbour had been given a kinder counterpart, she had no fear that Dauphina would make it work to her advantage. And if worse came to worse, Nadya would not hesitate to use the force of her kingdom to come down on anyone who attempted to hurt her friend.

It seemed, however, that the King was first in line to punish those with dissenting opinions. Anemone's passionate speech was the last she heard before the King's ringing voice and the chanting of the guardians filled the air. Those who had disagreed and their counterparts were banished to an island of curses, the ominous name no doubt promising dark dangers. It was a stunning turn of events, and one which Nadya had not expected. She did not believe that all those who had been sent to exile deserved it; Dauphina and Faust had been quite happy to work for the betterment of their kingdoms, as had the ruler of Scorpio.

Unlike the obvious emotion of the youngest at the table, Kaveh Mehrzan, Nadya kept her expression calm. She felt no loss at the disappearance of her enemies, though she couldn't help but count how many of her allies remained at the table now. One; Jamar. Apparently, agreement to the ritual, even with the promise of later war, was enough to save him from the Island of curses. At least he would be useful if a fight quickly arose... though she was sure the guardians would stop any battle during the meeting. As she contemplated her next move, Nadya wondered how far their protection reached.

Libra's ruler spoke up, first in direction to the King, and then to Aries. Nadya let him finish before shifting to her feet and turning to the king herself. "My wish, your grace, is merely for protection within some of the more... barbaric lands," there was barely a flicker of her gaze towards Aries as she spoke, while her voice remained steady, "And an answer to my question; if I must travel to a majority of the kingdoms to fulfil my ritual, how do you propose I accomplish this when the majority of the kingdoms' rulers are at best exiled, at worst deceased due to your actions?"

Nadya supposed she would have to visit her own Kingdom and the kingdom's of the four rulers present first, hoping that some action would save the other rulers in time to let her complete her ritual. She had faith in the strength of her allies, they would be back soon.