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Snippet #2757123

located in Asteria, a part of Astrologia Eclipse, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Cellica #CD13FF | Speech
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Cedric #982BFF | Speech
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Fenris Lazurin #C9081B
Lilyana Veslos #0077FF

Cedric grew restless as the rulers began to dispute each other as partners. This, was lead off thanks to his idiot of a sister, causing his restlessness to vocalize, "Cellica.... Just stop...." He muttered to her, sensing the heat of her passionate words, even if she weren't looking at him. As she continued her tirade, Cedric spoke one more, repeating himself in hopes it'd help. However, one comment stuck out:

"...when yours makes you just a few wrinkles short of an old perverted man."

Those words hung for a mere moment, before Cedric could hear a response, however, Cellica wouldn't hear it. As Cedric shot from his chair, hand sparking from the electric charge as he snapped to his Sister, "That is enough, Cellica!!" His words, were loud and fierce much like his father, whom slowly walked towards the tables, ready to come stop his daughter. As Cedric's words were leaving his breath, his grip took up Cellica's left arm, clamping it hard, and discharging the electricity through the arm, a loud and short scream came from Cellica, as she felt the electricity rocket through her arm, and the grip on the injury she's had for years. Falling into her chair from the pain, the Twin wormed herself free from his grip, in obvious pain. Cedric turned to the other rulers, "My apologies, your highness, for my sister's outburst." His words were far more formal than Cellica's, as he turned to the others, "On behalf of my sister, I apologize for her actions and words today. As they were unwarranted." Soon, he sat back down, listening to the King once more.

However, the twins felt something, an unsettling feeling that only came once before. That day, as they got that unnerving feeling, the war between Chameleon and Ophia broke out. It had rest on the Twins' minds heavily, as soon the two were soon blinded by light. As their senses recovered, they were no longer sitting at the table, with their father nearby. The island of Curses, as the two looked around, they noticed Dante, Dauphina, Nuocolo, Anemone, Faust, Eino, and Akai with them. As Cedric looked, he could hear the rumble of something in the forest, he gripped the two swords of his Esper wings, as Cellica looked to the rest, hearing these words,

“You have been transferred to Island of Curses in order for you to work together and solve your problems. This is not a relaxing holiday as the forests are inhabited by the worst creatures that walk on this land. If you wish to stay alive, you can not go wander alone. Have someone to watch your back, share your resources, work together for safety. And if you do not? If even one of you faces their death in here? Then we fear none of you ever steps their foot outside of this island again.”

With those words disappearing like the swift wind, Cellica turned to the rest, taking out her spare knife, thumbing the blade gently as to check the edge, before walking to Dauphina, "Dauphina, here." With those words, Cellica held the knife to her friend, "I'm sorry, it's not much, but every little bit helps." As Cellica did that, it was obvious she ignored everything Dante had said, though, Cedric hadn't. As he looked at Dante, speaking with reason,

"Look, Dante. I know Cellica is an idiot. But right now, we're not in a position to have a petty squabble. We need to survive, or, our lands will be in more danger than the war could produce." Cedric wasn't trying to start a fight, as he looked to the others, "Even if it's forced, we need to get along for more than five minutes. Unless, of course, the idea of dying on a rock in the middle of nowhere is pleasing to you." It was apparent, Cedric was a better leader of the twins, as he acted on more on reason and logic. Though Cellica cut in,

"I'm going to fly up, see if I can scout out anything for some shelter, along with a steady supply of food and water, let alone act as eyes in the sky for any game. Stay in the open, and if possible, make a fire, smoke rises well into the air and should be easy to see for anyone far away..." Her words weren't as strong as Cedric's, as the weight of her words crashed around in her head, much like the seas that surrounded the group. Especially what she said to Dauphina, she said it without thinking, and thus, felt the need to amend. As her wings had spread, a gust of wind had swept under them, sending Cellica high into the skies once more. With Cellica in the sky, Cedric remained on the ground, his fingers still tingling from his outburst earlier. Even still, he was to do what he could to ensure everyone survived.