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located in Asteria, a part of Astrologia Eclipse, one of the many universes on RPG.




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A n e m o n e
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The hair on Anemone's body stood on end as the King and the guardians seemingly started a chant. Alongside several of the other rulers, she had begun to emit an eerily blue light. This was more than enough for her to figure something was going on, something that she would not appreciate. She gripped the hilt of her blade, sheathed on the scabbard fastened to a belt around her waist. She looked around quickly, shifting her eyes from guardian to guardian, preparing herself for an attack... that never came. Part way through her rotation the scene before her of the table of food and desert dunes simply changed in the blink of an eye. She felt a slight dizziness from the sudden transportation, quickly lowering herself to a knee so as to not fall to the ground. Her rest however was short lived, a voice seemingly coming from everywhere at once causing her to quickly draw her blade and adopt a defensive stance, quickly looking around for its point of origin.

“You have been transferred to Island of Curses in order for you to work together and solve your problems. This is not a relaxing holiday as the forests are inhabited by the worst creatures that walk on this land. If you wish to stay alive, you can not go wander alone. Have someone to watch your back, share your resources, work together for safety. And if you do not? If even one of you faces their death in here? Then we fear none of you ever steps their foot outside of this island again.”

Anemone kept her head on a swivel all throughout the disembodied voice's speech, shifting her glance from other rulers to their surroundings. Soon enough the speech ended, only to be immediately followed by the screams of one demanding answers. Anemone watched as Nuocolo brandished his blade in a fit of anger, only to lower himself onto the ground. Whether it be in defeat or in frustration, she knew not. Sheathing her blade, she glanced at the other rulers in turn. All of them all connected to or are the ones who decided against the ritual.

“I hope it was worth it. If we do not get off this island your people will suffer because of your actions.”

Anemone bit her lower lip, unable to make a retort to Eino. She understood that he was right. While she did hold her convictions, her being stuck on this island without any idea where she was did pose an issue. Soon enough, Dante was barking orders around, taking charge of their merry little band of castaways. Much to Anemone's surprised, Dauphina and Faust seemed to be fine with such a development, despite him being an enemy to their cause.

"With all due respect, who died and made you the leader?" Anemone said, crossing her arms. "Not that I am against helping given our situation, I myself am proficient enough in hunting game and even preparing it to consume. However... Dauphina, Faust, need I remind you that he's an enemy? I understand that these are dire circumstances with which we find ourselves, but I feel as though you two are much too ready to follow under this... person."

Anemone pressed a finger to her forehead, making a pained face. But all the same, she drew her blade once more to inspect it's edge. "In any case. If it's food we need, cooking or hunting. I can manage. But I'll only work so long as the members of our side are paired with another ally, at the least. So that none of you get any ideas of pulling the wool over our eyes."