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located in Mountain Brook, a part of More Sinned Against, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mountain Brook



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Character Portrait: Alex Roberts Character Portrait: Blu Jameson Character Portrait: Lyn Montgomery Character Portrait: olive paloma Character Portrait: Riley O'Hara Character Portrait: Dan Hanson
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XXXXXXXRiley once again tried to get herself to play her guitar, her room too quiet without any music, but she couldn't get herself to play. It would still take Lyn a bit to get to Riley's house so she tried to figure out something to occupy her time. She realized she hadn't showered... recently. Too preoccupied with either distracting herself or her thoughts in general. So she got up from her bed, surprised there wasn't an imprint where she had been sitting the past few days and made her way to her bathroom. While she showered, she banished dark thoughts away by blasting rock music through her speaker. Some of the songs she knew how to play either all the way through or certain parts so she played some air guitar. It helped to cheer her up a bit before Lyn came over. She wasn't sure she really wanted Lyn to know what had happened that night. Not that Lyn didn't know what was going on in Riley's life that she didn't know about Elena, but... it might bring up questions that she wasn't sure she was ready to answer.

She had just exited the shower and pulled on some clothes--a mesh shouldered top and a pair of comply black shorts--when she heard banging on the door. Her phone buzzed on her bed and she grabbed it, checking the message as she walked. Seeing it was Lyn saying she was here, Riley rolled her eyes and tucked her phone in her back pocket as she opened the front door. "I can hear that," she said by way of greeting and giving Lyn a smoldering look paired with a smirk. She ran her fingers through her hair which was still dripping wet, staining the shoulders of her shirt. "Well come on in. You're no stranger here. In fact, I'm surprised I haven't given you a key."

She made her way back to her room and grabbed her towel in attempts to at least slightly dry her hair. "Thanks for coming over." She flopped onto her bed, the towel now dangling from her fingers. "It's been rough. And I've missed having you over here." She noticed Lyn was still clad in her work out gear which meant she came from the gym. At least she was still taking care of herself. Riley fought back a blush as she noticed Lyn's curves due to the tight clothing. Riley's feelings towards Lyn changed late middle school early high school. And ever since, she struggled with holding her best friend in that place. Some days it was a struggle to keep from flirting with her or just... kissing her.

But Lyn wasn't interested and Riley still valued their friendship. Still... she had to admit that Lyn was completely gorgeous.

She cleared her throat and looked to the ceiling. "So how was the gym?"

It took Alex a moment to glance up and notice Dan. Which made sense considering Dan has a talent for being unnoticeable most of the time. The young man was busy with his phone as well. Which might be nice if Dan had more friends... but talking with Alex wasn't a pity party. It was just the effects of the last few days on his mind. He shoved back the thoughts and smiled at his coworker/friend? and replied "No big deal," Then he pulled out a chair, "Mind if I sit for a bit? It'll be a little while before I have to be at work I was just heading over early..." to avoid my family he finished in his head. He wasn't about to tell Alex that. Wouldn't want to put his own personal baggage on others.

There was another girl with long dark and hair and deep brown skin. Olive maybe? She was talking to Alex who hadn't seemed to notice her yet. "Sure, you can sit. Olive, right?" Dan said, in attempts to be bold. Then he turned back to Alex again. "It's been kind of... boring without working with you. The others have very little personality." Which wasn't entirely true, but not entirely false either. "Hope you're not being over worked."