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located in Caleria woods, a part of Mystic Winter, one of the many universes on RPG.

Caleria woods



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Drift held tightly onto Luca as he was embraced. He understood Luca on an emotional level that most could never hope to know. He could always see past Luca's pride to his raw, true emotions. Drift was scared too, but he had something now that he never realized he had before, something that had been there for so long. Now he had Luca's love and there was nothing that could ever break that bond.

"Everything is going to be alright." Drift said softly. It was like there wasn't a doubt in his mind and the words came out of his mouth as though they were facts, there was no question to them.

Drift thought back to when his mother had showed him his own family tome and the way she explained the power within it's pages. Her words came drifting back into his mind as he listened to Luca's heartbeat.

"There are some who think that some magic is good and some is evil, but this is not the case. Magic comes from the heart and the only difference between a spell and a curse is the heart of the person using the magic. Every spell in this book has the potential for being a mystical thing of beauty or a vile source of suffering, it's all in how you use it. You have a good heart, Drift, I know you'll make good choices should you ever need to use this." That was the warning his mother had given him when she gave him the family tome. He was going to be doing this for love, not selfish reasons, so he had faith that things would be alright.

It was quiet in Luca's room, they had to be quiet, but that didn't stop various thoughts from running through Drift's mind. When he wasn't focusing on his task that was approaching soon, he admired the room and admired Luca as well. Drift was sure he could stare at Luca for days and never get bored. He imagined all the things they might do in this room, all the things he had always wanted to do with Luca that he was too scared to bring up in the past. He was kicking himself mentally for not saying something to him sooner. Even now the only way he had the nerve was when Luca had confessed first. Luca was much stronger than him in a lot of ways and Drift was grateful for that.

"After I get the book and get close to the castle, I'll use a cloaking spell like I did at my house. It should give me plenty of time to get to your room through the back entry before it wears off. Make sure to keep your door unlocked so I can slip in unnoticed." Drift explained his part of the plan. It was more like thinking out loud so that he knew what he was going to do, but it was also to help reassure Luca that he had a good idea for getting back to the castle. Drift's biggest concern right now was making sure they had everything they needed for the ritual. He remembered seeing the Conception for a Love Misunderstood spell in the tome when he was younger, but never thought he would ever be able to use it, so he didn't think to check what was needed for the ritual.