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xxlocation: apartmentxxxxxxxxxxoutfit: here


xxx"and these secrets all that we've got so far,
xxxthe demons in the dark, lie again.
xxxplay pretend like it never ends
xxxthis way no one has to know"

Once Willow handed over the clothes, she went back out into the apartment to help Winter tidy up. He knew not to ask any questions, and so they worked in silence, throwing the bloodstained paper towels into the trash and sorting out plates and cutlery for the food. Silence with Winter was never awkward. It was a comfortable silence.

Max and the others emerged from the bathroom. Willow was glad to see the clothes were a decent fit. Clothes that fitted well felt less like borrowed clothes. She smiled as Max asked about food, feeling a little relieved. She could see Max's shoulders visibly relax and her smile widened a little more. The feelings of fingers brushing against her own startled her a little, but she just smiled at Max as she started to dish out food. "So, we got a little bit of everything. Winter here can't tolerate spicy food, while Harry never fails to order the spiciest thing on the menu. We arranged it in order of spiciness." Max explained, starting to fish a little of everything out onto a plate for herself, along with some rice. "Winter claims it can mess up his power, but we all know he's just weak," Harry remarked with a smirk, and Winter slapped his arm. "It does!" Winter complained, and Willow laughed, shaking her head.

"So, I guess I should introduce you guys," Willow said as she sat down on the couch with her plate. "You already know Harry's a healer. Not really one of us, but we buy him food and he patches us up from time to time. You've met Winter, and no prizes for guessing what his ability is. His real name is Mercury but if anyone calls him that, he's probably gonna punch them. And Poppy is an energy manipulator. She works in the lab with me. Well, we work in the same building, I work with electricity, she works with motion and sound and shit." She pointed at each of them in turn with her chopsticks.

"She's not joking about the punching thing," Winter added. "Drinks?" He asked, already pulling glasses down from Willow's cupboards. "Surprise me," Willow called.