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xxxlocation: Willow's apartment. xx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxoutfit: here


xxx"Heroes can be found in the most unlikely places.
xxxPerhaps we all have it within us to do great things,
xxxbut may simply lack the circumstances
xxxor the reasons to be heroic."


Max smiled a little shyly as she made her way to the table with Willow. Her eyes roamed over the containers looking for things she felt like eating. Spicy wasn't her thing and the smell of it alone made her nose crinkle. "Yeah. No. I'm with Winter." To emphasize her point, she poked the container with the spicy food closer to Harry. She was hoping the action would amuse the others as well. Breaking the ice if you will. She made a small noise of excitement when she noticed the crab rangoons. "Now these I will eat." She also grabbed one of the egg rolls and a few pieces of sweet and sour chicken. She wanted to start small, unsure of how her stomach would react.

Once they were all settled, Willow went around the group and introduced the others. Winter, she had met. Harry had patched her up although, Max was surprised when Willow said he wasn't a part of their group. Was he just a civilian then? Or... was he a hero? She wasn't about to ask in front of the others, but she filed the information away for possible conversation in the future. She nodded to each in kind by way of greeting. When she got to Poppy, Max chuckled to herself quietly, spooning a bit of rice onto her plate. "Poppy. Motions and sound. I get it."

Looking at the woman made Max pause and she tilted her head a little. Max couldn't help but wonder if Poppy was more familiar with Willow than just a coworker. Though Max will never know considering Willow had drunk instead of asking how many partners she had. Max looked over at Willow for her cue to share what she could do considering she introduced them all to her but not her to them. She didn't look at them as she said, "I use sonic... well screams, but I don't have to scream to do it." She shoved a piece of chicken into her mouth, a bit of the sweet and sour sauce dripping down her chin. She reached for a napkin to wipe it off with when Winter offered drinks.

She thought for a moment. Alcohol might not... be a bad idea. She didn't exactly get drunk yesterday and she's sure that Winter will hold back on the liqueur again so she said, "Same." But made sure to add "Please."