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Sibling Allocation Act Facility


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[ If anyone is going to have the most knowledge about the layout of this place, it'd be her. ] Though they couldn't see who Vlad was indicating, there was absolutely no doubt that he meant Ivy. Novak's head snapped around, eyes fixed on the dark-haired girl. They didn't dare to hope too much, but Vlad was absolutely right, and Ivy's memories could be integral in helping Novak figure out the layout of the building. As Ivy tried to dig through her memory, Novak concentrated along with her, trying to piece together what little she could find. It was patchy, to say the least... there wasn't much to learn. [ I... I only see glimpses, like a dream. Nothing tangible... I... ] Novak exhaled a long breath and sat back, their back pressed against the cold wall. [ That's okay, Ivy. I'll make do. ] They tried not to share Ivy's confusion too much, knowing that it would only cloud their mind at the time when they could afford it least, instead turning their mind inward to put together what they already knew.

[ Actually, I've been practicing... ] Novak lifted their head slowly, turning towards Specter this time. [ Trying to stretch my powers farther and farther. Some days I can see farther than others, but once... I think I saw stars. ] That could help. If they had a way out... [ Specter. Please. I need you to think very carefully and show me what you saw. ]

In the next cell over, Hawke was trying very hard to keep calm. They were making a daring plan, to be sure, but if he as the centre of the telepathic call couldn't keep himself in control, the others would be affected too, and that would help no one. He could sense the fear radiating off of Ivy, which was fully justified given what she'd just experienced half an hour ago, not to mention the punishments she'd bore all those times she tried to escape. But she was there, right across from him, holding his gaze steadily, and he thought for a moment, just for a moment, Maybe we really can do this.

Hanne couldn't quite see most of the action, but she could see the twin fires burning in Vlad and Novak's eyes, right across from her. She hardly dared to breathe herself, hardly dared to believe this was little more than a dream her mind had conjured after going to bed terrified after the events of the evening. She sat beside the cage of mice, absentmindedly reaching in to stroke the soft fur for what must be the last time. She must remember this moment - she might not have another like it, whether they succeeded or not.

[ Could you make some kind of map if Hawke links our minds while I scan as far as I can? ] Novak caught Specter's eye and nodded, biting down hard on their lip in their anxiety. Warm blood spurted into their mouth, but they hardly noticed it, so intent were they on what Specter was sharing. It was only for a little bit, not very far and not for very long, but it was glorious. The outside was barren and dark, but it was an amazing sight, and from the way Hawke's thoughts leapt a little Novak knew he was feeling their excitement, too. Quickly, like putting together a 3D puzzle, they made a little model map of the building, of their section and a little bit beyond. The edges tapered out into flat white, but they could add to that later if it was necessary. They showed Specter the map, making sure that he had it down firmly. As for everyone else, they couldn't help sharing the brief image of the sky outside, just to try to pep them up a little for what was going to happen.

Meanwhile, Hanne sat and waited quietly. Careful not to share her thoughts with the entire group - no doubt Vlad would use it against her later - she looked around at the elements of her cell, committing it to memory. Goodbye. If I never see you again, it will be too soon. I'm sorry.

Before she expected it, though, the door to her cell slid open. She got to her feet shakily, walking into the shared centre of the cell block. Everything seemed slowed down, and she wasn't quite convinced yet that it wasn't a dream. Specter rushed past her to Ivy, and with no real goal in mind she turned too, entering Ivy's cell. She was collapsed on the floor, the recent events clearly having taken a toll on her. [ I have to help her. ] She was the only one who could - even if it was going to hurt like hell.

[ Hanne, no! ] But Hawke's warning came too late. Focusing on both Ivy's body and her own, Hanne rolled up the older girl's sleeve just a little, and paused for a moment before wrapping her hand around Ivy's bare wrist.

The pain was intense, but not unexpected. Hanne winced, continually mending her own cells while she quickly patched Ivy back up, trying to restore her energy. Before the others' eyes, Ivy's bruises faded, like flowers wilting, closing in on themselves. Her cuts knitted together, looking like perhaps a few days had passed between their inflicting and the present.

[ That's enough. We have to move. ] Hanne had never heard Novak sound so authoritative before, and their voice speaking so decisively in her head startled her enough into dropping Ivy's wrist. Quickly Hawke reached over and pulled her sleeve down, moving around Hanne to slip his arms under Ivy. [ Are you okay? You'll have to wait until later. ] His eyes pierced through Hanne, and in that short moment their eyes locked she fancied perhaps there was something different in the way he looked at her. As if he hadn't expected her to walk out of her unlocked cell, much less risk her own safety to heal Ivy, even if the job was slipshod.

Novak didn't wait for the bunch of them crowded around Ivy to move. As soon as Vlad's question to Hawke came through the shared connection, they turned around and strode towards him, reaching for his face. They settled both hands around his jaw, gently. Fuck the weird clasps, they were going to take it off their way.

Closing their eyes, they focused on the weight of the constraint, feeling the familiar spark dart through their fingertips. They didn't need to open the doorway too far, just a tiny one beneath their touch, and... the restraint fell apart, broken where Novak had opened the doorway into its material. "Opening an interdimensional portal into solid matter seriously compromises its structural integrity," they murmured, grinning hard, no longer bothering with the psychic connection now that all of them were out and about. A bright, fierce happiness came into their voice, excitement bubbling like it never had before. "Now go wreak havoc." They removed their hands, and turned to face the entrance to the cell block, where guards would no doubt be bursting through any second.

A quick glance to the side confirmed that Hawke had supported Ivy's weight well enough to help her to her feet, with Hanne still hovering anxiously nearby. Novak reached out and grabbed Specter's arm, pulling him towards them "I'm going to open a portal to two floors down, a little further down the hall," she informed him. "I need you to go ahead in front, keep a lookout for guards. Hawke, you take the girls with you after Specter. Vlad and I will go last," they directed this at the rest. "Don't stop once you're through the first portal, just keep going. If you get lost in there I may never find you. Do you understand?"