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located in Asteria, a part of Astrologia Eclipse, one of the many universes on RPG.




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                    Dante felt his head throb as he listened to everyone and took in the situation. Only two people fully accepted the fact they would be stuck here for potentially quite a bit, which meant every little bit helped. He took his time addressing people as they spoke up, hand running through his own white locks. Part of him had the sudden urge to tug it all out.

                    "Thank you Dante, I appreciate your kindness and authority at this moment. If I may offer, I am very well trained in harvesting the bounties of the sea and would be very much willing to take over a position regarding that. I must admit, I am not in possession of a weapon. I should not need a weapon to deal with the fish, however. Perhaps in the future for protection."

                    Dante nodded his head, taking in what she had to say. "Right. What would you prefer to have in your possession to fish then? I'm sure we can figure out some way to make a net or whatever you need. Weapons are definitely third priority next to building shelter and a fire. Quite a few of us brought our weapons, so it shouldn't be too bad for the time being." He agreed, offering his assistance where he could. Gold eyes glanced at the dejected and emotionless Prince of Scorpio. Before moving onto the next, he took note of everything he could of the male... He wondered if he could even offer something to the survival situation.

                    Why did you bring us here?! Take us back this instant!" His attention shifted to Nuocolo. Was he having some sort of mental break at the idea of this? Dante couldn't blame him, and simply decided to leave him to his own devices. The look on his face seemed to mimic Dante's at the table before hand, and he knew better then to try and speak to quell such rage.

                    Faust spoke next, and even she was seemingly on board for now with some sort of game plan being formed. He was relieved to say the least, despite nothing showing on his face. "I don't imagine that monsters are all this island has to offer, and if there's enough supplies to be found in order to make bows and arrows, even rudimentary ones at best, then I could help in hunting game."

                    "We can definitely see what we can do. It shouldn't be too hard, at least. Just need sturdy things. If worse comes to worse, we can make it out of the monsters." He joked. "Anything else you might be interested in?" Dante's tone wasn't authoritative anymore. He wasn't a ruler, but someone from the military trying to figure out the best course of action. Right now, that was getting everything everyone might need sorted and figured out.

                    He barely paid any attention to Cellica and what she was doing, looking out towards the palm trees and forest. He remembered how to make a more primitive axe from his days of survival, but it would take time. Dante rubbed his neck, under the scarf that somewhat revealed the misshapen looking flesh covered stump. Jacket removed and used to tie around his waist, he sighed. "I can most likely make more primitive tools. I remember how to from when I was younger and taught in the military as a lad." Dante commented, though to no one in particular.

                    "Look, Dante. I know Cellica is an idiot. But right now, we're not in a position to have a petty squabble. We need to survive, or, our lands will be in more danger than the war could produce. Even if it's forced, we need to get along for more than five minutes. Unless, of course, the idea of dying on a rock in the middle of nowhere is pleasing to you."

                    Dante stopped, at that, and slowly turned around with a bland scowl. "Have you not heard a single word being discussed? We are trying to survive. It'd be more helpful if you spoke up what you could do, rather then continue to dwell on things that have already transpired. We can get to that when were rescued, but do you really think any ships would come to an island we were just stranded at? This is a punishment, not something to be rescued from." He pointed out. "In the end, we're moving forward. It's better off to build shelter and hunt for our food where we can. The beach is the safest bet until we grow accustomed and can handle going out into the forests or anything else that might be here. While most of us have training experience, and have lived in the worst and most grotesque conditions, others have not. We need to make sure we're prepared before venturing anywhere else, or arguing. What your sister said, however, will never be excused. You should truly muzzle her, for if I were a weaker man, you might have made me break with such a small trigger." Finally, Dante took a moment to call himself again, shaking his head. Perhaps what he said wouldn't make sense, but it didn't matter. With a wave of his hand, he dismissed the current topic of discussion again and moved on.

                    "What skill set will you offer? It seems like we have a large enough hunting party, if we find the proper materials for the weapons we'll need." He found himself finally turning to Anemone with a quirked eyebrow. He listened quietly, allowing her to speak in peace.

                    "With all due respect, who died and made you the leader?" Anemone said, crossing her arms. "Not that I am against helping given our situation, I myself am proficient enough in hunting game and even preparing it to consume. However... Dauphina, Faust, need I remind you that he's an enemy? I understand that these are dire circumstances with which we find ourselves, but I feel as though you two are much too ready to follow under this... person."

                    When she placed her fingers the bridge of her nose, he almost scoffed at what she said next... But controlled himself. "In any case. If it's food we need, cooking or hunting. I can manage. But I'll only work so long as the members of our side are paired with another ally, at the least. So that none of you get any ideas of pulling the wool over our eyes."

                    He paused, at that. "Yes. That was.. Quite respectful. Unfortunately, I'm willing to abandon my title as a ruler for Aquarius. I'm no more than an orphan who had grown up stranded without food or shelter at the moment. But an orphan who has severe military training and rose through the ranks. I could care less if you are so concerned that I'm an enemy. As far as I'm concerned, you're nearly as batshit as I am. But right now isn't the time to let your own social justice interfere with others like how it interfered with Scorpio's safety. You're assistance is greatly appreciated, and needed regardless of how you may feel towards me. Also, friendly reminder from the ruler side of me, that you allies outweigh us in numbers. If any of us are in trouble, it would be Cancer, Scorpio, Leo, and I. Between yourself, Capricorn, Pisces, and both Gemini twins, it hardly seems fair." He grimaced back at his group, before turning back to Anemone.

                    The male shrugged. "But ultimately, I'm not the boss of any of you. You can partner how you please, but Akai and I will be sticking close together, and my Dog will be as well. If you chose not to work, then I suppose we'll all be trapped here and your country will fall back into perfect ruin and all your hard work will be lost." He turned away, a glance back to the palm trees as he looked down to his sword.

                    It was strong, like any sword from Aquarius, but he wondered if it would do any good in at least starting to cut down some of the trees. "Should we forage for supplies first, to make what we need? Or explore further down the beaches and see where our territory ends and this island's begins? The edges of the forest should provide hopefully plenty of sticks and wood to begin with shelter without us going too far in."

                    And just like that, the floor began to glow once more, he had hoped they'd be sent home... But when the ground no longer glowed, but armor appeared next to his dog as well as a collar, he took it as a blessing. At least his beloved friend wouldn't end up slaughtered. Sighing, he shook his head before reading the note as he crouched to the wagging dog, climbing all over him for attention of some sort. Virgo was a kind soul, he'd make a note to help her at some point, or give her a gift in return... Something equal to the worth of the only thing he could truly say was a love that resembled something normal in his life. His best friend.