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located in Coastalia, a part of Origin Stories: Heroes and Villains, one of the many universes on RPG.


There's a lot of heroes coming out of this city and also a lot of villains.


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It was late in the afternoon. Lily was reading, in her backyard while enjoying the view, like she almost always did. Until one of her scouting robots landed on her shoulder. It ruffled its feathers, relaying what had happened in an instant.

Excellent, thank you.

The clock struck one in the morning, a nearby clocktower alerting the world to this fact. A stray bus, way after hours, pulled up to the transit station. The bus had at least two dozen vantablack crows sitting on it, and its sign read 'Blue Angel Express.' When it approached the stop, the door churned open, an android manning the bus blankly greeted the girl at the station.

"Greetings, Angel! W-w-we're expecting you!"

Four people sat inside, rows of seats between them, and all covered in metallic armor. They almost seemed robotic, an annoying synchronized breathing punctuated the air. When one inhaled, the others inhaled. When one exhaled, it was an annoying cacophony of modulated exhaling. None of the people moved, waiting for Blue Angel to take a seat.

It didn't take long for the first armored person to address Chloe. "You've seen the news, surely. We're the Deus Ex Gang, and this city is going to fall under our grasp soon enough." A second member of the gang approached Angel, continuing the pitch. "It's real simple, our hijacked drones assault a bank vault, tearing it up and blowing a hole in the roof." The third gang member sprinted from the back of the bus, throwing an arm around Chloe.

"Finally! You fly outta the vault, with millions of dollars. You get half of whatever the heist yields, no risk to you. We meet you outside the city to split the loot. Sound sweet?" All three of the people pitching the idea to Angel fell to one knee, belting out their last statement in unison. "What's more, we're prepared to offer you two hundred Gs as a down payment. We expect this job to pay WAY bigger dividends." All three gang members sounded alike, a weirdly modulated voice. The fourth gang member sat in the very back, staring out a window.

Try as Chloe, might, it was hard to remember the fourth person. Not that they were hazily in her memory, rather, when she tried to formulate that memory, it never took. The last person sat in the blind spot of her mind's eye, quietly listening to the deal being discussed.