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located in Asteria, a part of Astrologia Eclipse, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Akai barely had time to blink as Dante pulled her up and grabbed the dog food. As he started to talk and give orders Akai tried to focus on him. She didn’t care if others thought she would once again just follow Dante blindly but with this she could trust him. She knew enough of his past to know he’d be a great partner in survival situation. He was right about being in relatively safe spot. With her better hearing, she did agree the forest hold out creatures they didn't want to anger. Others might hear his words as angry and demanding but Akai could see the kindness behind those words. He wanted to keep them safe. Akai nodded at Dante’s apology. She wasn’t able to speak properly yet but she knew Dante didn’t need those words. She would talk to him properly later, maybe when they would go to gather resources.

Before she could reply she felt Dauphina’s arms around her. Surprisingly she didn’t mind that either. In her current situation she felt her friend caring and comforting her was just what she needed. Dante’s words getting her mind back in place and Dauphina’s hug letting her body relax. “Thanks Dauphina” she whispered.

As they talked about the weapons, Akai checked the secret pockets of her outfit and with one hand pulled out a sai, and with another one of her throwing knives. “It seems I have my weapons.” She talked slowly, still trying to calm herself down and focus on the matter on hand. “I guess I can give these to people without weapons to use as…. well knives.” She looked at the knife and was about to offer it to Dauphina but Cellica did it first so she hold it out for Faust. “If you want?” she was a bit hesitant but tried to work together.

Still feeling nervous, she touched the wedding ring on her neck. No one seemed to pay much attention to her which gave her time to think. She needed to calm down and stop feeling so weak. If they were in Leo or even in Aquarius, she would have known what to do but she wasn’t used to tropical countries. Fausts words were in her mind [color= #E82E55]"If you want to make it up to me, it would do us all a favor if you refrained from getting yourself mauled by whatever beasts here that are eager to rip you apart."[/color] She wasn’t that weak. She could fight. She had to step up.

"Should we forage for supplies first, to make what we need? Or explore further down the beaches and see where our territory ends and this island's begins?” “I think,” her voice was still weak as she tried to get herself to be heard. “I think we should focus on supplies and shelter. We don’t know how long we will be here and how the weather gets. We can use vines and small trees to make traps, maybe catch rabbits or something. Tying vines and straws could work as nets. And if we find sharp rocks we can use those in spears or knives. ” she looked around the area. “I’d say we build shelter in somewhere between the palms, we can use palm leaves to cover up the shelter and it gives extra camouflage for us. I can, no I will take charge in the concealment. And I can do that to all of your clothes too if you want.”