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located in Roseville, a part of The Devil You Know, one of the many universes on RPG.




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xxx"Welcome to a fabulousxxxsense of lost self, xxxacute paranoia,xxxand emotional trauma."
Heather woke up to the sound of thunder outside followed by a steady rainfall. Heather was her bed. There were the sounds of people talking amongst themselves somewhere outside her bedroom door. The girl remembered she had guest over and ran out the door to greet them. When she reached the living room something immediately felt off. The whole place was lit up by candles and the group were sitting in a wide circle. Willow, Rebecca, Lee, Benjamin, and Lincoln were there. But the thing that was surprising was Sarah being present as well someone she didn’t quite recognize.

β€œHey, Heather, you’re just in time!” Sarah called out. β€œWe’re playing β€˜never have I ever’. Come join us.” Heather reluctantly agreed as she was led to an empty space to sit as part of the circle. Everyone seemed genuinely happy but Heather couldn’t shake the feeling of unease. The game went on as usual and everyone was having a good time. But then the unfamiliar man butted in.

β€œThis game isn’t exciting enough! So let’s spice it up a bit.” The man then pulled out a pistol. To Heather’s shock everyone seemed to nod and mutter their approval as an empty bottle was placed on the floor in the middle of the circle. He then spun it. It pointed at Sarah.

β€œTruth or dare.” Everyone but Heather giggled at the man’s phrase including Sarah.

β€œUm, okay. Truth.” She said with a smile.

β€œTell everyone your deepest, darkest, secret.” Sarah’s smile faltered a little.

β€œWell, I guess if I had to choose then that time during spring brea-”

β€œWrong!” The man interrupted.

β€œThen the time I was in middle scho-”

β€œWrong again.” The man interrupted again.

β€œSarah,” Heather spoke up. β€œYou should, probably, to tell the truth.” She said in a cautious voice.

β€œIt’s none of your business, Heather!” And a gunshot rang out. Heather sat in place, in shock, staring at her dead friend. The only reaction from the others were tsk’s and mutters of disappointment.

β€œWell, let’s try again, shall we?” The man said and spun the bottle again. This time it landed on Heather. She looked from the bottle and up towards the man. The girl was now looking down the barrel of his gun while everyone else looked on in anticipation.

β€œTruth or dare, Heather?” The man asked and she squeezed her eyes shut, wishing she was somewhere--anywhere else.

When Heather opened her eyes again she say the faces of Ben and Willow looking over her. The girl jumped with a start before realizing she was awake. Then came the confusion of why she was on the ground. Then the memories came flooding back to her. Sarah’s death, everyone staying the night at her place, then the threatening text message.

Remembering the text, Heather quickly stood up to look for it. Luckily, her phone was on the counter with the screen switched off. Heather let out a sigh of relief before she felt herself sway a bit again. This time, due to the headrush from standing so suddenly. She let herself be guided to the living room and lay on a couch.

β€œI’m so sorry, guys. I must have missed the time to take my meds. Just give me a second.β€œ She let the cool rag rest on her forehead again before noticing something off and sat back up looking around. β€œGuys, where’s Rebecca?”