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xxxlocation: Willow's apartment. xx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxoutfit: here


xxx"Heroes can be found in the most unlikely places.
xxxPerhaps we all have it within us to do great things,
xxxbut may simply lack the circumstances
xxxor the reasons to be heroic."


The group drank and talked through the night. When they all started to pass out from drink and exhaustion, the Poppy, Willow, and Max, took to Willow's room for the night. Harry and Winter opted for the couch. While no one lived too far from Willow's apartment, they thought it would be safer to stay.

Waking up next to Willow had been an immense surprise. It took her a moment to reorient herself and remember where she was. It took a moment longer than that for her to puzzle together how she ended up in Willow's bed. It also took Poppy being in the bed as well to remember that nothing crazy happened between them. Max was both relieved and... disappointed.

Still, she got up from the bed and started her day. She was the first awake and was therefore undisturbed by the others for use of the bathroom. She changed into a black shirt, black skinny jeans, and a denim vest she had brought with her. She had decided at some point she wanted to thank the others in some way. After all, they rushed to Willow's apartment to help someone they didn't even know. The thought reminded her that they still didn't know that she was a hero at her core...but she'd worry about that later.

She searched as quietly as she could through the kitchen for the ingredients for breakfast. Thankfully Willow had practically all of the ingredients. Whatever she didn't actually have, she managed to improvise well. When she was finished, she was covered with flour--in her hair, on her face, on her clothes, etc.--and the entire apartment smelled of coffee, cinnamon, and chocolate. This was thanks to the coffee she started to brew as a wake-up call for the others--though she was disappointed that she hadn't brought her specialty coffees--, the cinnamon was thanks to cinnamon french toast, and the chocolate was due to the chocolate chip pancakes. In hindsight... she probably overdid it.

Oh well, at least she made enough to feed everyone and...possibly impress Willow.