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located in Caleria woods, a part of Mystic Winter, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Drift watched in horror as Luca assaulted Cassandra. This wasn't the man he knew, it wasn't the man he loved. He did as he was told and got the book for him.

"Is all this really necessary? You already had her head over a barrel. What if the elders don't approve of the idea? If we were to wait on the contract we could adjust it so that she has to pose as your wife if they don't allow our relationship. You need to stop being so rash and think things through a little more. " Drift was concerned not only for Cassandra, but for Luca as well.

He didn't understand what was happening to Luca right now. Was it the book doing this to him? What was he going to do to her? A contract in blood wasn't exactly what he was thinking when he agreed with Cassandra and he doubted it was what she was expecting either. He turned away as Luca began the ritual. Luca was about to seal their fate and Drift wasn't sure he was making the right decision.

"I'm going to go get my family tome while you're doing ...this. I'll be careful not to get caught. I'll knock four times when I get back." He muttered as he quietly opened the door and made sure the coast was clear before leaving. After dodging the guards and getting out of the castle Drift was finally able to think a little more clearly and focus on what was happening to Luca. He couldn't stand to see him get violent like that, especially when unprovoked. Drift was worried, but he knew if he had any shot at helping him or Cassandra it would be in his own family tome. He would need it anyway for the ritual before they tried to have their own kid.

That was a thought that made Drift smile, a child that was half his and half Luca's. A child that would not only know strength, but the power of love and kindness as well. A child that could rule the kingdom justly and fair, yet be powerful and ward off enemies as well. But none of this could happen if the child wasn't conceived in love.