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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThere's a place for us,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSomewhere a place for us.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPeace and quiet.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWait for us, somewhere


Chloe stared at James as she finished speaking, not quite sure exactly what he would do. Honestly, she wasn’t quite sure what she would do if the tables were turned, but right now was not about if’s and made up scenarios. Even though Chloe loved being around James, right now it just felt off, forced. James spoke up after he sighed, Chloe just staring at him as he talked, looking at his handsome eyes, and pretty lips moved as she spoke.

At first Chloe was saddened, hearing him talk about how he couldn’t do this anymore, but she completely understood. She would probably feel the same if she left for an extended time and no one cared. I didn’t know where you went, I wanted to come looking for you James… Chloe thought to herself. She was quickly brought out of her thoughts feeling James’ thumb run across her cheek, this immediately put a smile on her face, making her blush as well. She missed his touch so much and this just sent a warm feeling throughout Chloe’s entire body.

The next thing James said really caught Chloe’s attention, about leaving. Something that only slightly went across her mind, more as a joke than anything, but right now it was a real possibility. Though James was right about one thing, even if his family didn’t care if the left, her family would quickly take notice if she disappeared and cut ties, and if they found out if it was for James, who knows what could happen. They could burn the city down looking for her, or send thugs after him and her, it would practically be betraying the Salant family, her family. Chloe jumped a little as James let go of her face and let his arm down. He mentioned that he would like to bring her but was worried about putting her at risk.

The two sat in silence for a second, Chloe thinking about what she should say, what she could do. Chloe squatted down so she was wear his eyes were, so they could look each other in the eyes, and held both his hands. β€œJames… We can go. I have cash saved up and hidden from jobs that I keep as an emergency outside of my families’ accounts. I can get us a car that won’t be as traceable as one of our family cars. We can get out of this city, and go somewhere, anywhere together.” Chloe said, standing up and letting go of James’ right hand, and putting her hand on his cheek. β€œIf I stay, I will be in as much danger as if I go. Our families’ little war is getting worse and worse every day. I’m already at risk, you just saw that your family sent someone to my apartment.” Chloe said, frowning a little and looking down at the ground.

β€œJames Deveraux, there isn’t anyone else in the world I’d rather run away with than you.” Chloe said after a pause, looking up at James and planting a kiss on his lips. Something she wanted to do since the day he left the trainyard.