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xxx"and these secrets all that we've got so far,
xxxthe demons in the dark, lie again.
xxxplay pretend like it never ends
xxxthis way no one has to know"

Willow raised her head as she heard a chair being moved out, and smiled a little at Max as she speared a bit of pancake on her fork. Max's question made Willow pause, and she sipped a little bit of coffee to make up for it. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just... nightmares," she admitted, taking a bite of the pancake. "But be honest, was it just me being restless or was it full on thrashing and screaming?" She asked, keeping her tone light-hearted so she'd know it was a joke. "This is really good by the way. Think I might hire you as my live-in chef," she added.

She knew already Max wouldn't fall for the light-hearted joking, and she sighed, pushing a bit of french toast around the plate to pick up some of the melted chocolate. "I haven't had nightmares in a while, but I think after everything that happened yesterday, my brain just... started freaking out big time. It's usually the same or similar. Losing everyone I care about and being completely helpless to do anything. Or else my loved ones, controlled by something different, hurting me. And I know it isn't them, and seeing them controlled like that is as bad as the torture. They started after my- after I lost someone really close to me when I was a kid." Max didn't need to know about her brother. Willow didn't want the pity. "And then they got worse after my parents died. Last night was just... really bad," she admitted. "In future, poke me or something. I'm surprised Poppy didn't, actually." She said with a smirk, taking a bite of the french toast.