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located in The Impervious Door, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Impervious Door

This mysterious door sits hidden in an inset courtyard, carved into the mountain's ridge. Amid the crumbling ruins lay scattered stone remnants of a fortress long since past, and yet this door remains — impervious as ever.


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Character Portrait: Jennifer Harsdorff Character Portrait: Casren Bistreo Character Portrait: Flynn the Volitale Character Portrait: Irral, the First Son. Character Portrait: Kanto Kaza Character Portrait: The Impervious Door
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Kanto had found it! Finally! The clues had all added up to finding this magical place. But alas, it would seem there was another group that had beat him to the strange place. Kanto looked up to the large glowing eyes as the team conversated amongst themselves, Kanto positioned himself silently behind a rock large enough to hide his lithe form, tail twitching impatiently as he waited for something else to happen. Should he go up and ask if he could be of assistance? He truly didn't know, and the giant bird looked like it coul dhave him for dinner. But.. It was talking.. Something he had never personally experienced before. For now, the Mishqua decided to do what comes naturally, and remain hidden as he closely inspected the door from far away. Suddenly he heard a loud strange sound that echoed through the already vibrating air, and watched as one of the group began to walk away from the other. Towards him no less.. He decided to remain hunched behind his rock and wait to see what further action the group decided to take.