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located in Up the Stairs, a part of Re: Start, one of the many universes on RPG.

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[❝In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be.❞

【ɗιαƖσgΟ…Ρ” cσƖσя:#50A6C2 β™™ тнσυgΠ½Ρ‚ cσƖσя #388E8E】

|| Never Enough|| The Greatest Showman ||

They did it! They defeated Ronan! Even so, freed of the trance, Ronan seemed to have realized the consequences of what would happen if Yui were to complete her mission here today. He had his tentacles wrapped around Ally and Leo's throats, ready to kill his benefactors of it meant saving his little sister. Yui stepped forward and opened up her dress, revealing a large crack going across her stomach. "I've been broken for a while now," Yui admitted, "it hurts, a lot, but I know that once I'm done, I won't be able to feel it anymore." She smiled and closed the garment once more, sitting beside where Ronan lay on the floor, blood tails jutting out awkwardly from beneath him. "This is my punishment for failing. I'm supposed to save humanity, but even if we keep trying to stop it, the crack will only grow and I'll continue to break until I'm nothing but dust."

Just like Resplendia, who had lost everything, Yui would too. Yui clasped both of Ronan's hands in her own. "You're a star now too, remember?" Yui reminded him softly. "You won't be alone Ronan, never." She reached out to touch his chest, placing a palm over his heart. A soft glow appeared, the lotus blossom emblazoned on his chest, right over his heart. "Pinky promise," his grip on Ally and Leo slipped, tears filling his eyes. "This is my decision," Yui stood up. "I'm not scared, my entire family is here to support me. I know what I have to do now and it's all thanks to you," Yui smiled. "Now, we have to save humanity, even if it means trading one life." Did Yui's eyes appear a bit blank? Could it be her soul had already left her body and she was running on autopilot? Or maybe Yui had stemmed the flow of tears to keep her emotions in check?

"What do we need to do?" Damian asked as Yui healed Mizuki's arm. "We need to go to the Tokyo Broadcasting Network, but we need it to be televised around the world." Yui explained as Ally and Leo recovered from being strangled. Yui had already shot Ally with what almost appeared to be a bullet made of light, breaking the spell. They traveled together, Yui and Dia freeing every light bearer they could along the way from K's mind control. Up in the tower, the technological geniuses got to work, cracking their knuckles, fingers flying. The lights turned on, the cameras whirled around to face the stage, an empty spotlight, just for Yui. She took in a deep breath and smiled, stepping onto the stage.

"Hello everyone! I'm Yui and I'm going to sing a song for you!" She grasped the microphone in her hands, appearing more confident than ever. The lights changed, an unearthly song coming from the child. She danced across the stage, imbuing her emotions into it. Love, peace, light, her gifts to the world that would hopefully be ever lasting. There should be no more need for light bearers, there should be no more darkness on earth. As Yui sang, she began to glow, the light near blinding. It acted like a beacon in the night, drawing others towards the tower. The light cleansed all, washing over earth in a beautiful display of rainbow colors; Dia's power was within her, after all.

"Thank you everyone for sharing your smiles with me!" Yui smiled, tears pooling on her chin as the broadcast ended, the light beginning to recede. The cracks ran deeper down her body, the sun outside beginning to rise. Yui's legs shook, shattering into glimmering bits of diamond. Ronan ran forward, catching her. "I lied," Yui sniffled, tears leaving wet marks down her cheeks. "I'm scared."