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located in Up the Stairs, a part of Re: Start, one of the many universes on RPG.

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❝The little bird sang too loud and now the world is ending.❞

【ɗιαƖσgΟ…Ρ” cσƖσя:#762D73 β™™ тнσυgΠ½Ρ‚ cσƖσя #BF3B3B】

|| Weight of the World || Nier: Automata ||

Yui did her dance and song of her soul, doing her best as the world's new Star of Happiness. Not even Dia herself was able to contain her emotion and she hugged Yui deeply. Her power was ebbing, fading, there was only mere seconds left before she broke into a thousand pieces of dust, scattering across the winds and the skies to forever travel but never rest. That was the fate of a Star who passed on their powers to the next generation. "You will be my successor." Dia told her, tears streaming down her face. Tears of sorrow for the child she was giving this power too, tears of relief for finally not having to watch over this world, tears of passion at the strength of Yui's last performance.

"You have done well. I'm proud - I was not strong enough to save humanity, but you have. You're more a Star of Happiness than I ever have." She looked to Ronan than with a faint smile. "And you'll be K's replacement, you'll be the new Star of Freedom, I can already feel it. Though, you will still have some time before you have to go." Yui was all about out of time, but Replendia had one last gift to give. "Farewell, Yui. I will return your friends to you now." A bright light and Luna and Ren were separated again, both of them staring bitterly at the scene before them. Still, everyone had the right to say their goodbyes.

"You'll always be my little sister." Ally wept, crying onto the cracking Yui whose ascension was put on pause thanks to Dia's gift. Just enough for last words. "I'm sorry I can't be with you for your next adventure." Raven came up next, embracing Yui and giving her a kiss on both cheeks. "I'm sorry I wasn't a better sister to you. I tried to save you back then, and even now, but in the end I - I couldn't do anything for you." The Empress was shaking, trembling violently as Mizuki strolled in, arm now healed. "I hate you. You're making my love cry, how could you!" She playfully poked Yui's nose as her own violet eyes streamed with sorrow. "Y-you... you gotta do your best, wherever it is you're going. Don't let the other Stars bully you, got it?"

Damian and Xavier went in together to say their last words. "I still remember the day we first brought you back." Damian held her tiny little fingers with loving care. "Me and Xavier, we almost felt like parents to you." They both kissed and hugged the child, the boys breaking as they knew the end was coming. Xavier's voice cracked as he tried to speak but he couldn't get the words out. "You were a helpless child, but now look at you. We're your parents, and now we have to watch our child leave the world before us." Xavier made a helpless sound but in the end he was never able to thank Yui for all the smiles he gave them.

Ronan's turn now. He was quiet as he watched her, eyes burning as an endless amount of emotions swirled through him. "You're really going to leave me, huh, kid?" His eyes were trained on her as if he was trying to remember every last moment, so he could relive it every night when he went to sleep, the moment his baby sister left him forever. Even if he was a Star, who knew if they would ever meet again? "You were my light, more than anyone. What... what am I supposed to do now? Luna's going to break, and I'm not strong enough to hold her together! You - you're so selfish! Why can't you just stay with us? Why didn't you just accept K's fix?" That was her last chance to be able to live out a full human life. "Why are you leaving me?" Ronan's fragile heart couldn't bear it anymore and he stormed out, pushing Xavier out of the way.

Ren took one hand, Luna took the other. "Well, it's time to go." He was ready, he didn't need to say any goodbyes. Luna however was a bit more pensive. She had a bad feeling, it was coming back, her grip on Minako was deathly tight. "You're not going to let us go with you, are you?" Her voice was hard, bitter, but she knew in her heart that this was forever goodbye, not just a see you later goodbye. "What?" Ren's eyes went wide in disbelief. "Wait, what?!" He clung harder then, but Dia's last gift was almost out of time. "No! No, this isn't right! We're your angels, you can't go without us! Don't you know how much I - not just me, we all love you! You're going to be all alone and-"

Luna turned away as Ren wept helplessly, sobbing into her cracked stomach, his pained wails filling the sky with sound and agony. "I guess forever doesn't really last that long." She said quietly, more numb than anything. Why couldn't she summon the energy to cry? The passion to plead and beg? Why did she just feel empty inside? Was this what Mizuki always talked about, back before Luna was even born? The world was grey, she already knew it. Yui gave it color but for Luna it would all be a meaningless fog. "So that's it then, I guess." She couldn't even summon a single tear, she just stood there like a frozen statue as Ren broke into fifty pieces. The world wasn't worth saving, not if this emptiness was the end result.

"I'm not saying goodbye." Luna decided. "So you'll never settle any last regrets with me." The emptiness was growing, her whole body felt cold. "You don't know what happiness is, do you? You never knew, Yui." And she was forcing her false idea of happiness onto them now, the whole family, because she was selfish and wanted to leave them all.