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located in Up the Stairs, a part of Re: Start, one of the many universes on RPG.

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[❝In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be.❞

【ɗιαƖσgΟ…Ρ” cσƖσя:#50A6C2 β™™ тнσυgΠ½Ρ‚ cσƖσя #388E8E】

|| Never Enough|| The Greatest Showman ||

Yui wept along with them, afraid to be alone, afraid of what would happen next. Dia held her hand, informing Yui that she would succeed her, she would be the Star of Happiness, the guiding light of earth, no longer a baby star, but a fully fledged star now. One by one, they said goodbye, holding her, kissing her, whispering words of love and regrets of not being able to save her. "It's not forever," Yui promised Ronan. "We'll see each each other again one day." Her entire body hurt as he released her, allowing Ren to take one hand and Luna the other. "You're not coming?" Yui's lower lip trembled, surprise and fear in her voice. She had at least been hoping that her best friends would be going with her, but it seemed that their time on earth wasn't over yet. "Ren... Luna...." the cracks grew deeper, Luna wouldn't even look at her. "I love yo-" her body broke, becoming solid diamond glass.

Yui was gone.

And the world wept.

A public funeral was held, but the casket was merely ceremonial, there was no child to bury. Ally kept the pieces, frantically trying to put them back together in secret, hoping it would work. She and Leo built a containment chamber, one similar to Ira Shoku's tank, hoping that one day, those pieces would reconnect. Only Leo attended the funeral, Ally too wrought with grief to go. Ronan sobbed the entire time, from the moment he arrived, staying until well after, when the chapel had turned its lights off and the janitor had gone home. He slept beside the grave the first few nights, not wanting to believe it to be true. She was gone, she was gone, his little sister, his last remaining family; gone. Dead.

A statue was erected in honor of Yui and Resplendia, carved of what appeared to be diamond glass, standing proudly in the city square. People left offerings, notes and flowers, teddy bears, even crepes in honor of a child who had never gotten to be a kid. The world was rebuilding, slowly, but surely. Humanity would recover, they would flourish. With no need for light or darkness, their light bearing marks faded, grey, and inactive. Even Ren, could no longer make any semblance of an illusion. The children were not being held guilty for their crimes, instead, many were sent to mental health facilities to ensure that they were fit to return to society and received proper grief counseling for being forced to commit those sins. Yes, the world rebuilt, time moved on, slowly, but surely.


When Yui awoke, several figures stood over xim, xis body feeling strange. "Welcome home," Cirque smiled, reaching out to embrace the now full fledged star. Yui looked up, the others screaming their congratulations, reaching out, touching their youngest family member and pulling xim this way and that. "I'm home," Yui smiled softly, a warm embracing wrapping around xis body. "Yui, as your reward, I'm going to give you this." A yellow haired star stepped forward, Zara, or at least, pieces of Zara that Cirque had scavenged through the cosmos and mixed with a sprinkle of something else. Mizuki was here too, arms crossed, hip cocked with a sassy grin. "What is it?" Yui asked eagerly, eyes wide. Xe opened it swiftly, tearing off the ribbon and ripping into the package. There was a red shard within. "Love," Cirque took the shard and pressed it against Yui's forehead.

And xis entire world opened up. It flooded xis body, the sensation of love, filling every crack and pore. Xe gasped, arms wheeling, nearly falling over. They held a party that evening, celebrating the successful mission, the return of their youngest sibling, as well as mourning K and Replendia. Yui smiled, going to be early, claiming to be a bit tired. Xe cried xis self to sleep, the pattern continuing for the next few days until xe felt dried of tears and slightly numb. Still, love was new and it seemed the others were eager to test it out. In the Star Realm, there seemed to be a new party every night, full of drinks that made Yui's mind numb and quieted the pain in xis heart.

Every morning, Yui would awaken early to stand out in the field, staring up at the twinkling effervescent sky. At first, Cirque had allowed the others to believe that this was how Yui gleaned insight on earth, but truthfully, Cirque knew what was happening. Xe was staring for a sign of it, a flicker or glimmer of something that resembled xis home. "You miss them, don't you?" Xe asked, startling Yui from xis thoughts. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you there," Yui smiled, scratching the back of xis head. Cirque placed a hand on xis shoulder. "I've been watching you come here for a while." A while? Yui swiped at xis eyes quickly, drying xis tears. "How long have you been standing there?" Cirque did not answer, instead, xe smiled. "Come with me," xe led Yui to the infirmary, the young star confused.

"I'm not broken." Xe said as Cirque pat the bed. Yui jumped on, wondering what was happening. "As it turns out, earth still needs you." Xis eyes widened, hope welling up inside of xim. "Your body will be asleep here while you remain there. That way, you have your tether to return once your time is up." Time is up? "Cirque, what do you mean?" Yui asked, biting xis nail nervously. "You have a family up there that needs you Yui and I have a feeling that you, very much, need them to." Excitement welled up inside of xim.

"I'm going back to the surface!"


Five long years had passed. Ally was only in the office by chance, doing late night research on a commission she had been drafting for weeks. Having long since given up on the project in the basement, Ally threw herself into growing her company, Leo wanting to make the hospital more successful than ever. Ren had begun to grow, body no longer contained by darkness, he was sprouting into a young man. Ronan, well, Ally didn't hear much from him these days. Admittedly, she was just as bad as keeping in touch.

She tucked a strand of short black hair behind her ears, hardly noticing the soft light pulsating from one of the security cameras. At first, it was just a flicker, catching Ally's attention. She watched, wondering if there was dirt on the screen. Her eyes widened when she realized what room that was coming from. In her haste, Ally dialed just about everyone, rushing down to the sub levels of the Vortech building, where the containment chamber was. The heiress rushed inside, her eyes widening at the sight. "Yui," the holo phone fell from her hands mid conversation with Leo. Ally rushed to the tank, placing her hands against the glass walls. The diamond glass began to harden, taking a form, a body now floating within.

She looked the same as the day she had left, her lotus blossom pulsating gently in the low light. "You're back, you're back!" Ally cried, tears welling up in her eyes as she sank to her knees, her heart feeling as though it would burst with joy.