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❝The little bird forgot how to sing.❞

【ɗιαƖσgΟ…Ρ” cσƖσя:#762D73 β™™ тнσυgΠ½Ρ‚ cσƖσя #BF3B3B】

|| Weight of the World || Nier: Automata ||

"Shizo, you gotta get away, my son! The Imagawa Clan must live on through you!" Shizo grabbed his gun and nodded, looking away from his father. The base was being raided, Enforcers from all sides were breaking in. He shot at one enforcer and kicked down the door. Three years ago the Imagawa have begun their rise to crime, distributing drugs to the young, kidnapping pretty women to be sold, they were causing a ruckus. With light bearers no longer existing, this was their chance to spur into action! So the President of the Enforcers was put in charge of tracking them and taking them out. Natsuo Matsuri was almost as good as his father was at waging war, but still, the Imagawa family held on. It has been a long three years but it seemed this would be the final fight. If Shizo could escape with his life, he'd be able to set off the bomb to destroy New Tokyo once and for all.

"So is this your last stand?" A gunblade rose, a steely glint from it's owners eyes. Noise Matsuri was here, the Captain of the Enforcers who was second in the hierarchy only to Natsuo himself. "Of course." Saitou Imagawa held his own gun, ready to fight. "So you've beaten up most of my men, and arrested them. But don't think I'm going down without a fight." In his penthouse home, the lord of the Imagawa Family would fight and die if it meant his son could finish their legacy once and for all. "Heh. It's been a fun chase, Imagawa. But today, you're going down." Two guns fired simultaneously, but only Lord Imagawa fell to his knees as the plasma shot went through his leg, a searing wound. "Tell that husband of yours... to stop putting his wife on the front lines." Noise snickered, cuffing him for imprisonment. "Natsuo is the brains of the Enforcers, but I'm the fist to punch out the criminals of Japan."

But Shizo had escaped. With the bomb codes ready he flew off with his jetpack, fleeing the high rise penthouse building that he and the Imagawa family had once considered a headquarters. Now the spirit of his family flowed through him, he was their last hope to win and maintain their position of power. If they could destabilize the government, then they would win. A helicopter gave chase but the jetpack was faster, there was no way anyone would be able to stop him. "I'll inherit your will, father." He whispered, gun to his chest. "I'll make you proud." High above New Tokyo, he would get in range of the bomb and blow the whole place to smithereens.

And then he heard it. The sound of jet boots, one of the newest technologies from VorTech given to the Enforcers, only a very small few were able to use the equipment without dying. You needed a lot of aerodynamic skill, but if you could master it you'd be faster than even jetpacks mounted on the back, with more flexibility and agility of movement. "Take him out, for the Empress!" The President yelled, Shizo could recognize Natsuo Matsuri's voice anywhere. A tiny thing jumped out, jet boots flaring up to boost her up, two small guns shooting a stream of plasma pellets at Shizo. He twisted and swerved to dodge them, aiming his own gun to fire a plasma lob. The tiny enforcer was faster though, able to fly to evade the lob and get closer, pink hair visible flowing from the back of her helmet.

"I'm in range!" Shizo yelled, pointing to the bomb receiver. "Give up or I'll blow up all of New Tokyo! Get away!" But the pink enforcer didn't seem to buy the bluff. "If you were really in range, you'd have done it already." She zoomed closer, pocketing her guns. A strange weapon flung from her wrist, still holding the end of the chain. A dagger flew out and latched against Shizo's shin, digging in. She dragged, pulling herself closer, swinging herself up to lock his head with her legs, pinning him to her. "Let me go! Or - or I'll kill us both!" The pink enforcer smirked and whispered. "Please do, won't that be fun?" She undid the jetpack and now they were both in a freefall to the death, the helicopter flying ever closer.

"Luna! Take him in already, stop playing around!" Natsuo barked through the speaker of his helicopter. Luna shrugged as if bored by the high speed falling despite this meaning certain death. Shizo himself was screaming, he didn't want to die, he didn't want to splat against the ground! You see, the Enforcers had three key members to their organization. Natsuo Matsuri, the genius president able to out-chess any crime lord trying to win. Noise Matsuri, the fist, taking point on many of their raids and operations. And last but not least, Luna Hikari, the queen of the skies who can chase down anyone and catch them in the end. So Luna punched him in the back of the head then turned her jet boots back on to send Shizo to the helicopter for capture.

Once it was all over and the press finished praising them for taking down the Imagawa family, Natsuo took Luna's shoulder. She hadn't grown at all for some reason, still looking mostly like she did that awful day five years ago. Of course she had grown her hair out, it was now almost down to her feet despite Natsuo telling her that it'd make it easier for criminals to grab it. She was maybe a tiny bit taller, now finally four foot ten. "Go back to the Palace, why are you even here? Didn't you hear the news?" Luna gave him an odd look and turned away. Her eyes had lost their light ages ago. Mizuki knew what it was of course, it was the same thing that happened to her. For most people the pain passed after a while, but Luna was just like her in the worst of ways. Her mental time froze so for Luna it still felt like yesterday.

"It's shock." Mizuki explained one day two years ago when Luna was still the exact same, not crying, not really saying much of anything. "Shock, PTSD, and depression. Now she'll see the world grey and empty the way I used to." The First Lady was very intimate with that feeling, even if it was a very long time since she'd ever had to worry about it. "What do we do? She can't just spend every day doing nothing." Ronan asked, even he had managed to recover. Sure, it still hurt, but he knew Yui would be disappointed if he spent every day crying. Luna just stared at walls all day and closed her heart off so no one could get in.

"I've got an idea. At least to keep her busy so she doesn't get fat on you, Ro." Mizuki cracked a sassy smirk. "Let's make her an Enforcer and train her under Natsuo and Noise!"

Even five years after, even at the news that Ally had finally managed to bring her back Luna did not budge, her empty eyes showed nothing. "I'm tired, so I'm going to go home now." She said, yawning, stretching her arms above her head. The Imagawa family was one of the more powerful criminal groups - with them defeated the days to come were going to be even more boring, weren't they? Oh well, Luna could just look at walls again. "Aren't you going to go see her?" Natsuo was incredulous. If anything could defrost her heart, it was Yui, wasn't it? "I'm gonna go sleep." Sometimes you could almost see the faint outline of a single wing out of her back, but for the most part both Luna and Ren lost their wings the moment Yui left them.

Goddess Yui probably had only one last mission, which was why Cirque allowed xim back to the surface. It was to fix Luna's broken heart which had been frozen in time, no longer able to feel anything.