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located in Up the Stairs, a part of Re: Start, one of the many universes on RPG.

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[❝In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be.❞

【ɗιαƖσgΟ…Ρ” cσƖσя:#50A6C2 β™™ тнσυgΠ½Ρ‚ cσƖσя #388E8E】

|| Never Enough|| The Greatest Showman ||

"Why did you lie to Xer? Earth is no longer a concern." Zara asked, rather perplexed by Cirque's actions. "Because," Cirque replied with a sparkling smile, "There are some things out there that are bigger than even us."

It was late at night when Ally opened the tank, but she didn't care. No one seemed to as they gathered around, Leo prying the lid open. He couldn't believe it had worked! He had humored Ally when they built this together, knowing that there was no way to bring her back, but it seemed that time and again, Yui continued to prove him wrong. He pried off the lid, sliding it open and reaching inside. Ally helped him, the two of them eagerly hoisting a very slimy Yui out. Her skin glimmered, ena shining in the low light. Her caramel colored hair was slick with the goop and Leo rushed to disconnect Yui from the various tubes that had been attached to her crystal body. There were no cracks or gaps, only smooth, baby white skin. Yui coughed as Leo pulled the tube out from her throat, heaving over the side of the table she had been laid on. They surrounded her, waiting eagerly as her eyelids fluttered, baby blues peering up at their mixed faces.

"Yui," Ren whispered, Ronan standing stock still. Ally's eyes welled up with tears and Leo seemed more confused than ever. "I'm sorry... who are you all?" She inquired, throat sore from having that dang thing in her mouth. Their faces fell one by one. "Kidding! I'm just kidding!" She was attacked instantly, smothered in hugs, berated for her cruel joke, Ronan plucking her out of the group and clutching her so tightly she feared she might crack. "Why were you gone for so long? Why did you come back? How are you back?" She was peppered with questions as Ally draped a warm blanket around her shoulders. "You all got so big," Yui looked down at her hands, peering her small feet. "I'm still small," even Ren had grown, albeit slowly. "Answer the questions!" Leo urged, turning on his holo phone to record the conversation in case Yui delved into any sort of science.

"Well... my job wasn't done," she replied simply. "There are still people that need saving." Ren frowned, "but you're not a G-dess anymore." He pointed out, "your ear feathers are back and your hair is a different color." Yui nodded, "Cirque told me that if I came back, it wouldn't be as a star. I don't have any powers either," her body was powered by light, however, since Loretta's real body was riddled with a debilitating disease that would have killed her when she was born. She could faintly sense their blood, but that was the extent of it. "I left that body behind, back in the star realm and it's up to me when I want to go this time." Ronan clutched her tightly once more, not believing this news. "So you aren't leaving again?" Yui shook her head.

"I finally get to be normal." Ren broke down into tears, Ally clutching her hand as she sobbed while Ronan held her protectively. "Where are the others? Where's Lulu?" Yui inquired, looking around for her. There was silence, the others looked at Ronan to explain it. "She hasn't been the same since you left," he replied quietly. "Take me to her," Yui replied. "She probably doesn't want to believe it." Ally shook her head this time, pulling Yui from Ronan's grasp. "No, you need food and rest, you can go in the morning." Already Ally was taking over as an older sister. "I'm coming with you," Ren rose, he had been officially adopted by Ally and Leo after their marriage, but had been living in a college dorm.

Yui's old room had been left untouched, Ally too overcome by grief to do much more than pass the vibrant blue door everyday. "It might be a little dusty," she apologized, the light activating as soon as they stepped inside. Technology was already much more advanced, holo phones were different, cars hovered, the house could be set into several different modes including waking and sleeping. Yui was confused, impressed, and utterly lost. The one thing that caught her eye, however, was the statue made of glimmering diamond glass they passed on the drive home. Ally's apartment in Azabu still stood, a bit renovated to keep up to date, but as beautiful as ever. "It's exactly the same," Yui smiled, turning a circle around the space. Ren watched her, as though afraid she would shatter any second and return to the star realm. He slept on the floor by her bed that night and once satisfied that it wasn't a dream, went off to class.

After breakfast, Ally drove Yui to Ronan's house, where Luna was still sleeping. Ronan greeted them, surprise and recognition in his eyes. He too, must have believed it to be a dream. "This way," he led Yui inside to the bedroom, where Luna was still asleep. Yui sat down next to the bed, waiting patiently for Lulu to awaken.

"Morning Luna," Yui smiled as soon as those familiar blue eyes opened.