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located in Up the Stairs, a part of Re: Start, one of the many universes on RPG.

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[❝In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be.❞

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|| Never Enough|| The Greatest Showman ||

While Yui waited, she spoke to Ronan, who moved about the room, trying not to wake Luna up. "You've changed," Yui said softly, she could sense his euphoria, Ronan disbelieving, wanting to believe, but afraid. "A lot has changed, it's been five years Yui," Ronan said, patting her head. "That long, huh?" Yui looked down at her lap. "But you're the same," he smiled softly, "and that makes me happy." Yui shook her head, no, she was different too. Not physically, but she had learned a lot during her time on the star layer. "Oh yeah? What's changed?" He wanted to know as he pulled a shirt on over his head. "I can... I'm whole now," Yui looked down at her hands. "I can feel love," Ronan froze, shirt forgotten. He knelt in front of Yui, examining her, looking for any difference.

There, in her eyes, it wasn't big, but just a slight glimmer. "You really have changed," he smiled and Yui wasn't sure if it was relief that she wasn't some illusion he could reach through or something else. "Not a lot, I'm still Yui." He nodded, "Yeah, still Yui." He agreed, grabbing a pair of pants to pull on over his underwear. "What do you do now? Do you work?" Ronan nodded, "I'm in college. I'm gonna be an engineer, like Damian and Ally. Except, a little bit different." It was too complex to explain to his simple minded sister. "Do you still do art?" Yui asked to which Ronan nodded. For some reason, it was comforting that there was still a bit of familiarity. It was almost like the two siblings were strangers again. Ronan was taller, his body leaner. His hair was the longest it had ever been, a little bit shaggy, and he had stubble on his chin.

"Have you told Ren yet? About love?" Yui shook her head in response. "No, I'm afraid to. I'm afraid he'll hate me." Ronan laughed, then winced, the sound loud in the quiet bedroom. "I think you're the one person Ren doesn't fervently hate." Ren had changed a lot, he had become closed off and quiet, preferring to be with books than with people. He was smart, so it was easy for him to finish high school and start college. He was going to a fancy private university that Ally and Leo were all too happy to foot the bill for. It was then that Luna began to stir, awakening from her slumber slowly, but surely. Yui smiled, wanting it to be the first thing Luna saw, but she was rejected, Luna ignoring her as she went about the motions of the morning.

Yui followed Luna in the next room, trying to strike up a conversation with her, but Luna continued to act as though Yui weren't there. Yui's heart constrained painfully, this was part of love too, she had learned. Luna requested something of Ronan, to which he blushed and scratched his head, mentioning that she shouldn't speak like that with Yui around. Ronan tried to vouch for her, but Luna still continued to act as though she wasn't there. Finally, Luna rose, attempting to leave, but Ronan blocked her, causing her to trip and land right in front of Yui, but Luna didn't believe it was her, she claimed it was cruel to build a robot in her likeness. "Luna, I'm not a robot." Yui went to help Luna up, who had tripped over Ronan's leg again.

"I came back Lulu," Yui smiled again, hoping to prove that she was real. "Here, I'll prove it to you." Yui flung her dress off, Ronan averting his eyes so as not to look at his naked little sister. "See? I'm a human!" Her lotus blossom shone, her ena shimmering in the light, giving her an ethereal appearance.