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located in Sylvar Forest, a part of Outcasters: Atonement, one of the many universes on RPG.

Sylvar Forest

The vast woodland that surrounds the capital city of Victoriana.


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Antheia Ophiuchus

A feeling of relief washed over Antheia as the Faerie King welcomed her to his rebellion. Despite the awkard, little pat he gave her on the shoulder - to which the shifter was normally not used to - she really appreciated his kind and gentle words.

It was like the first step at being closer to her goal. And although it would take a while to get used to new rules and new faces, there was no doubt that she would manage it. Level-headedness and diligence have always been one of Antheia’s fine qualities and she was used to working hard.

Back in her world, there was always work to do, whether it involved protecting her homeland or more peaceful activities. A whiff of nostalgia tugged at her chest as she remembered those times and the wars she fought alongside her sisters to protect their beloved realm.

But it didn't take long until a more recent and bitter memory slivered into her mind:
Defying her sisters due to a new, lunatic system and the fanatical ideas they opted for. It was the reason why she and only a handful of her sisters fled to a more remote island at the outskirts of their realm, only until Antheia somehow ended up in this world because of Alec’s powers.

Immersed in her thoughts, she didn't quite catch on to Zio's introduction and only got thrown back into the present as she sensed a rising anger forming in Simon’s gut – anger which also traced his following words.

"She was your Queen... and you designed her a prison so foul, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy." sounded his voice and Antheia turned her gaze towards Zio to study his expression and next words carefully. He was a solitary Fae and had chosen Alec over the Faerie Queen. Who was Antheia to judge - she just recently disobeyed an order from someone she has been loyal to for hundreds of years.

The King then ordered Ambers to blindfold Zio. Antheia threw a glance at Ambers and noticed how he seemed to be lost in thought before raising his voice again: "Perhaps our guest should ride on your elk, the terrain can give more information than the eyes, especially in a forest such as Sylvar."

The shifter’s gaze immediately shot towards the King, whose eyes burnt with such disgust - she thought they could kill with a single glare. The build-up of emotions seemed to finally crack.

As the King stormed towards Zio at a dangerous speed, Antheia thought for a split second that Simon could actually hurt the opposing Fae, but he only ended up screaming at him. Although Zio has only turned kind towards her so far, she did not make the slightest move to try to defend him or step in-between. His kindness didn't mean he gained her trust and even though the girl just met the Faerie King, she promised to help him and therefore show loyalty.

Despite the sudden rise of volume that made her flinch slightly, it did not surprise her that Simon felt this way. After all, it involved his mother and it was only natural that he was worried and felt extremely protective of her.

Even though Antheia had never experienced a typical maternal bond and has never seen her mother – who served as goddess as well - she still felt a connection of undying love and trust towards her and she would do anything to protect and save her.

The irony smell of blood flooded the Animanty's delicate senses as she motioned towards the King again. Casting a glance at Ambers, she noticed how he attempted to pull out a rag but quickly canceled his action again as the regal Fae ordered him to carry Zio.

In the current situation it was wisest to keep quiet, Antheia thought.

Ambers’ expression and posture were quite unnerving and she felt a tinge of sympathy towards him. It was not his fault that the King unleashed his anger towards him. Even if he had kept quiet, Simon might have let go off his steam differently.
The anger wasn't directed at him but only towards him.

Ambers was a good man, Antheia could tell. Similarly to Zio, he has only been kind to her so far and the fact that he didn't smell like Faerie or Dragon, meant that his race might have been even less apparent in this realm, which possibly gave him a hard time.

Judging by the look on Simon's face earlier today though, she knew that the King was aware of him being a fine man as well, therefore she wasn't too worried that the situation between those two would not clear up again sooner or later.

As the whole troop began walking through the forest, Antheia shot Ambers a sympathetic look before focusing on the path ahead and following the others to the camp where their rebellion resided.