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Snippet #2761155

located in Te-Fiti's Island, a part of 4009, one of the many universes on RPG.

Te-Fiti's Island

Known for it's large amount of Starfruit trees and berry bushes, Te-Fiti is a fruitful island. It has the biggest trading Marketplace.


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Character Portrait: Yuna Character Portrait: Constantine Character Portrait: Meirin Character Portrait: Queen Lilith Character Portrait: Mickey Character Portrait: Tarun Character Portrait: Falkor Character Portrait: Joel Character Portrait: Seraphine Character Portrait: Azazel
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❝Maybe if beat her the world will make sense for once.❞

Listening as Falkor spoke about love made his chest twinge. Yuna, Run wanted to see her again. Would they ever get to meet as something other than enemies? Sure, it was partly his fault - mostly his stupid sister's fault really - but still, it was pain anyways. Falkor sounded as if whoever he was in love with, this Seraphine who Run vaguely remembered from the ship with the old losers back with the Pirate King and his overly happy team. "Must be nice to have had someone." He mumbled as he ate the way too delicious food, trying not to feel jealous as he always did. Skill with cooking, why couldn't he have had any skill with which he could use to seduce Yuna? "What skill? You were never good for anything, it's silly to think I could love you."

Next Mickey told a tale of home after trying to get him to slow down his stuffing of his face. As the fish told him that he began to cough, almost choking on the food he was wolfing down, his plate pretty much all but consumed now, nothing but tiny little remainders of what used to be a dish left. Mickey began to regale them with tales of home under the sea, Run feeling somewhat sick as this only brought back reminders of his own life back in Mithras. "My son, your job is to earn me the title of Queen and become the promised Heir." Every night his mother sang into his ears. "You worthless brat, is it so hard to beat that girl? She's just a girl, why can't you show her up!" Run rubbed his cheek, still feeling the sting of the slap he received after every failure. All he wanted to was please her and show that he could be a good son, why couldn't win just once?

"It's because you're not good enough." Rin said one day, offering him a worm pie, two children who were playmates. "You need to get stronger and then I'm sure you can beat me." Run remembered asking her why she couldn't just let him win, why she couldn't go easy on him for once. He just wanted to read, to bury his nose into the pages of a book. It was only his mother's prodding that pushed him onto this path of ruin. "Because then it won't feel like a real win, right?" Even a fake win would feel better than endless losses, than disappointing his mother and getting beat again and again.

Mickey noticed the captain, so Run looked up at him, frowning slightly. He stood up, trying to shake the despair out of his worthless little mind. "Captain." He said as Mickey showed him the best seat at the house. "When can we fight the Pirates?" Suddenly he had an idea, he knew how he would be able to beat his sister. He just wanted a chance to show it off for real, this secret plot for victory. "I want to bring her back and then we can all share the torture, it'll be fun." He could see it, the clear path to winning.

"I think I know how to beat her."



❝Maybe if I save him he'll be a good brother again.❞

Rin was something between dizzy and nauseous as she sat back down, trying to listen to the swarming of voices buzzing around her head. Something similar to Joel telling her that wasn't poison, someone laughing her head off, loud and bright like Sera's voice, even the sound of a child enjoying the nectar and telling her that it wasn't poison. Now that was just embarrassing, Rin had an even weaker constitution for this than Yuna? Did it have something to do with her being a unicorn and Rin being a harpy? She tried to fight it off and regain her composure because this was just undignified, really. Still, a part of her did like the chance to just... be stupid for once. "My head's whirling." She mumbled, almost stumbling over the words as her wings flapped aimlessly.

It was around then that two new people joined the party. The captain, Constantine was here. Rin tried to rub at her eyes and sit up straight to look as dignified as she could with her flushed cheeks and slight swaying as she sat. The nectar, it was so amazingly good but at the same time she really was not sure she liked losing control of herself like this. It reminded her of one incident in the past where she and her brother were both given a shot of alcohol by father. Run was able to handle it of course, taking it like a man but Rin flopped over in moments, unable to hold it in the slightest. "Captain, Meirin ready for duty, I'm not - We are perfectly okay, we - I mean I - I'm..." She stammered into silence, wondering why she couldn't even say the slightest of words. Worst of all, Lilith was here, the irresponsible Queen! At least Yuna and Sera were okay, there was some history but that was for Joel and Sera to work out, it wasn't Rin's business. Meanwhile Yuna was just being her shy self.

As Lilith was about to leave Rin took a deep breath to fortify her mind. "Have a nice night, Queen." She said in her usual professional manner, then she grinned proud of herself before she could understand what even the heck an Annie was. "Joel, I wish that - no, no, I don't actually?" She was about to wish to not be drunk anymore but she luckily caught herself before it was too late. She had to save them, wishes were precious resources! Yuna too, was checking up on her. "We're okay." She said, slipping back into the royal 'We' as she took Yuna's hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. "Just tipsy." At least she could string together words now, maybe the worst of the buss was over and done with.

The salad was wonderful! "Ish really good!" But now there was one problem - now Rin was feeling a spike in the buzz and she held her head before falling overlanding on something that did not feel like hard wooden floor but rather like Joel's lap instead.