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located in Rebel Camp, a part of Outcasters: Atonement, one of the many universes on RPG.

Rebel Camp

A small campsite belonging to the Fey Rebellion, which never seems to remain in the same place for very long.


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Antheia Ophiuchus

Antheia's eyes gleamed with acknowledgment as a complex of wooden structures and colourful tents arose from a prior seemingly empty glade. She had been faced with countless of invisibility enchantments before but it still always enthralled her how well a simple charm like this worked.

The sound of loud chattering filled her ears and replaced the quietness from the walk before. Antheia allowed her eyes to get used to the whole scene as her gaze wandered from one framework to the other and from one entity to the next. It was truly interesting and unusual to see so many different species at one place together and chatting peacefully with each other. For a moment she wondered whether one of her sisters could be here as well, but in that case she would have already sensed the nature-loving creature miles ahead.

After the Faerie King ordered his folks to move the still blindfolded Zio to another location, Antheia watched how he headed for a place farther in the back of the camp with Ambers silently following him. She rested her gaze shortly on them before deciding to take a walk through the camp.

As the shifter moved, she noticed how some people seemed to be staring at her. Well, it was only natural that they would be curious when seeing a new face in the rebellion. Judging by some people's especially curious faces though, she believed they were speculating about what race she belonged to. Animanty weren't exactly outgoing and they rarily left their realm, so it didn't happen every day that someone laid their eyes on one.

Passing a group of what seemed to be Faeries and Wraiths, she overheard phrases like "What is she? A Faerie?" and "No, I would recognize a Fae immediately.". Antheia though kept walking and simply observed the camp. A slight wave of tiredness suddenly encased her due to today's prior events, so she decided to search for a place to rest a little bit until she was given orders.

A bit offside of the camp was a large tree that cast shadows on the grassy terrain below. Antheia tilted her head slightly and strechted her arms, before shifting into her white fox form. She then trotted over the short blades of grass and as she reached the tree, curved her hind legs to a sit and leant against the bark. A big yawn escaped her lips, showing two rows of sharp, carnivorous teeth. Laying down, she dropped her head on her front paws while curling her fluffy tail around her frame, serving as somewhat of a shield from her surroundings. With tired eyes she oberseved the vivid hustle and bustle around the camp, eyelids threatening to close as she just enjoyed a simple moment of quietness.