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Snippet #2761367

located in Te-Fiti's Island, a part of 4009, one of the many universes on RPG.

Te-Fiti's Island

Known for it's large amount of Starfruit trees and berry bushes, Te-Fiti is a fruitful island. It has the biggest trading Marketplace.


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The whole day played in Lilith's head, on a constant replay, she remembered what Constantine said as he dragged her to his ship before she had returned home. The bandanna. The one guy she wasn't supposed to be alone with. The whole conversation she thought she was having with a local merchant turned out to be the one person she wasn't supposed to be alone with..

Lilith sunk down to the floor of the balcony, all she could hear was her heart pounding in her chest. "This is a panic attack.." She told herself as the bottle of nectar fell to the floor, an high pitched 'ping' sound brought her hearing back to realty as she took deep breathes trying to calm her own heart rate. She had an uneasy feeling like she was being watched, even if she wasn't.

Lilith leaned her head back against the stone railing, looking up at the stars that shined down above her. Her heart was somewhere in the sea, constantly calling her while her title kept her on the island. She didn't want to be the political queen, what good would that do if she wasn't out there fighting for her people? What was the point of having three thousand guards on the island to ensure the peace if she couldn't leave? "If you want to be out there fighting for your people, you need to learn how to deal with the court first." She told herself, trying to remember the many lessons her mother had taught her.

Thinking of her parents was just something she couldn't handle right now, it just made her think of being on the beach alone with Azazel. Then after that she thought of Constantine, and her head just hurt when she thought about him. She had this horrible sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. Feelings of pain, happiness, and confusion set in and she groaned angerily. "That stupid pirate!" She screamed, picking up the nectar bottle and throwing it off the balcony somewhere into the sea.

It wasn't even three seconds later she heard a knock on her door, then it opened. It was the stupid pirate she had literally just yelled about. There's no doubt. He heard that. Lilith groaned as he announced his self, suddenly feeling like a stupid queen. Lilith picked herself up from the balcony floor as she heard Constantine stepping into her room. She didn't see him before the black sheer curtains that blocked her view from her bedroom door. It was a warning to the servants if they crossed that line of the room while the curtains were closed she would throw a knife at them.

Lilith looked to the floor as she heard Constantine's voice through the curtains as she walked to the wagon of nectar she had the servant bring to her room. She popped the bottle, and took small sips as she listened to want he had to say."Lilith, I am so sorry for the way I treated you this evening. I had no right to try and control you like that. I'm not making excuses, but I was very startled after seeing you with you mysterious guest, which I have yet to tell you who that was. Yes, I know him and so do you."

'You said keywords, Constantine.. He isn't very mysterious.. Lilith thought to herself as he continued making her smirk with his next comment almost to the point she forgot how mad she was at him because of how clueless he thought she was. She could get away with murdering his entire crew and he wouldn't think she was capable of doing it. Of course this would probably never happen but if she was suppose to be an airhead because she wanted to escape her political life then what else was she supposed to compare it too?

"Okay, I was actually mad at you." Lilith said as she paced on the other side of the curtain."For some really valid reasons. First reason, you constantly treat me like some little kid that is a horrible burden to you." She took a short pause to take another sip of her drink.

"Second reason, you dragged me to your ship and humiliated me in front of your entire crew, making me out to be some clueless airhead. Thirdly, you still think even though you mentioned keywords, like, oh I don't know... How about.. 'bandanna' and still have the nerve to come in here and think I still don't know who you are talking about." Lilith shook her head as she gulped down the rest of the bottle, her head felt silly afterwards.

"Lucky for you however.. The perks to being Queen, is you can talk a servant into bringing a largely unnecessary amount of nectar juice to your room no questions asked." She told him as she opened up the curtains a tiny bit.

She didn't get a good look at Constantine, she quickly retreated to get more nectar juice."The conversation I had with Azazel honestly wasn't as bad as you would think. Now he's way more cockier than I originally thought, his 'big retreat' plan when you showed up was pretty pathetic." She said as she struggled to open the third bottle, after almost giving up she grabbed one of her many star daggers and shoved it on the cork before pulling it off, the blade slipped out of her hand and stuck on the wall behind her. She turned to look at the dagger and then turned back to Constantine."......" She cursed eyes bug eyed.


Joel tried to choke down the laugh as Rin almost made her first wish."That was a close one." He muttered as he helped Rin steady herself in her chair. His eyes shifted from Rin to Yuna when she asked if they were okay, luckily Rin answered her. Joel didn't feel like trying to explain it to a child."How does a kid get a job as a pirate?" He asked out of pure curiosity.

As Joel started eating the dessert that the fox brought out, he started to dread giving them even more nectar. Everyone expect the fox was acting strange. Joel could suddenly see this all going a different way then he intended. He knew he had to get them in bed soon. Then he'd figure out what the fox's deal was..

As everyone was laughing and having a great time, eating the fruit salad somewhere in all the fun Rin's head went from almost having it under control to having her head in his lap. Joel blushed, and looked away, putting his hand in front of his face while he got his ... together. Once he was good he laughed it off, standing and scooping up Rin as he did, tugging her wings into his arms as well. He tried not to hold her too rough in fear of breaking her wings. "Alright, let's get you to bed."

Joel remembered where Rin had showed him her room before they went to eat dinner. He slowly made his way back to her room, as he walked carrying Rin so she didn't have to worry about falling and face planking the floor. "You'll be okay, you just need to sleep." Joel told Rin as they came into her room, he helped her down onto her feet.

"Is there anything else I can do for you? I want to talk to the fox lady and figure out what her issue is after the unicorn goes to bed too.." He explained to Rin honestly."Don't worry I won't be mean. You women are just valuable things, she'll take it the wrong way if i ask her what's wrong in front of everyone."


The flavors danced on Seraphine's tongue as she slowly devoured each piece of fruit, she ate slowly as her heart longed for the one person that would understand why she didn't want to be around Joel. She ate quietly, not really sure what to say as she waited for everyone to finish eating. Before she had finished her own meal, Rin fell over into Joel, making Seraphine laugh out loud.

"That's great, Rin. You should probably go to bed." She said, Joel just slid his chair back and stood up, scooping Rin in an awkward way. Her wings looked all cramped up against Joel's chest.

Seraphine looked over at Yuna and smiled at her."I think it's almost your bed time too." She said pointing to Yuna with her fork as she pushed herself away from the table and got up. She used her foot to put the chair back at the table as she walked around the table picking up the plates and silverware.

"Do you want some milk before you go to bed?" She asked as she was walking out."If you need anything, you'll have to get yourself. I'm going out.." Seraphine told Yuna, patting her on the head with one tail as she walked by, a couple more tails tickled her cheek really quick before she left to go put the dishes away.

The Blue orb suddenly got bigger, she reached up and grabbed the heart from within side."Can we meet up after everyone goes to sleep? She whispered into the heart so only Falkor would hear her. She needed comfort, even though things between them were over she knew that their job differences weren't enough to keep her away. This was just like the time she stopped talking to Falkor when he gave up his heart, he didn't have to do that, she was going to give up a tail, but he wouldn't let her.