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located in Rebel Camp, a part of Outcasters: Atonement, one of the many universes on RPG.

Rebel Camp

A small campsite belonging to the Fey Rebellion, which never seems to remain in the same place for very long.


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The sound of the black Void between worlds was... deafening, countless drifting images bright enough to make one go blind, and others that were too reflective to effectively spot their origin. For Hannah, the only thing she could hear were those voices that were still trapped between the Realms.


Shattered reflections, met with the kiss of the black void was all Hannah could sense. Images of realms were blending, molding like liquid art into millions of different versions and paths. Which one, she had come to realize, would she pick?

The white-armored Walker would draw her hand upwards, gloved fingertips tapping on a formation shard, and its image slowly began to focus. In a moment, sounds of birdsong would overflow the heavy silence of the Void, and she leaned forward to try and peer into the image the Void had provided. However, no matter how much it tried to focus, the image was extremely distorted. It was a signature characteristic of a young and unstable world. The New World.

"I have found you, at last." Hannah's voice whispered, the words echoing and relapsing over each other. She continued to watch the wavering image, and during her observation, she tilted her head.

It appeared to be a heavily forested area, with glimpses of people here and there. Time was never reliable in the Void, so most images Hannah could see, there was no way they were from five minutes ago, or from five million years ago. Thankfully to her, though, she recognized this Realm to only be a little over a year old in Mortal time. The chance of this image being recent was increasingly likely. Blinking behind her armor, Hannah saw the image shift a little. This time, there was a group, all talking to each other. A taller man, skinnier man, muscular man, one that reminded Hannah of Dwarven populations of Ancient Earth, and a beautiful woman who reminded her of snow.

"The world is dying, Antheia, but I will be its savior, as I was its creator. I will be its source of power; the one who maintains its balance... its Life Tree."


Hannah turned, whisking her hand to gather her white cloak to drape over her shoulders. On the back of the smooth, silk-like smooth fabric was the former sigil of the Realm Walkers- a circle with a line drawn through the middle. Known in the Mortal realm as the Greek letter 'Phi', it was utilized by the Walkers for quite some time, before their people's disbandment. For being the former leader of the Walkers, Hannah still wore the cloak out of pure habit.

She stepped into the fragmented image, focusing for the atoms to collect from the air and earth, and she channeled the molecular energy to stitch the equation of her body with atoms. Her feet formed first, the energy working its way up her legs and abdomen, before her chest, head, and arms. Whenever she entered a new realm she had not visited, it always took a bit longer to visit physically.

However, to a scene she had been expecting to encounter, the Realm Walker sighed to the sight of no one. The forest was silent, along with all traces of the people she saw in the image. It must have been due to the instability this realm possessed as the excuse as to why time seemed to have shifted so fast once again from the Void. Looking down, however, Hannah kneeled to observe what looked like blood upon the grass. Just a few drops... but she recognized it as Faerie, specifically royal Faerie blood. Immediately, Hannah began to follow the dripping trail for perhaps a couple steps, before she turned to what was now noticeable tracks within the earth. She followed them all the way until she found where they had gone... which seemed to be a village. The rebellion, as Hannah had collected through a fragmented image she spotted about two mortal moon-cycles earlier.

She walked through one of the outer walls, atoms passing through the object, before reforming on the other side within the wall itself. Walking through the village, she tried to find the Creator... but it had seemed that man's aura had disappeared. Thankfully to Hannah, four signatures still remained here. She walked to the first one she could feel, who she had come to learn as Antheia, and she tried to find her amidst the buildings. Post-images of herself were faintly left, a frame of the light that had hit her moments before staying in its place for a moment longer. It was a brief image, lasting no longer than a second for every few.

Hannah stopped when she felt like Antheia's aura felt its strongest, and she looked over to see the signature originating in a sleeping white fox. She kneeled, quietly looking at the Animanty curiously. She had actually never met an Animany in person, so she took care into memorizing the information available to her. Somehow, the snow-like woman was now a snow-like fox. Physical reformation was possible, with Antheia.

Can this Animanty take me to the creator of this realm?