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Snippet #2761452

located in Tanta's shack, a part of Et Partitus, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tanta's shack

You'd never find it in the yawning expanse of shacks and hovels stretching up the mountain, unless you knew who you were looking for.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Zonia Jessup Character Portrait: Randa Dominga Character Portrait: Marshall Adonnis Shan Character Portrait: Akma "Silvertongue" Character Portrait: Tanta Ralland "Data"
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Randa's grip released on the humans collar as Zonia convinced him to back off. His glare however almost kept him pinned to that wall. As Marshall spoke, Akma began to wander around the office, looking and poking at things he probably shouldn't touch. Tanta was too busy watching events unfold to keep an eye on the bat as he paroused around. As marshall pointed, Randa looked over to Akma as he adjusted his glasses, pretending he could read what a particular computer screen displayed as the green numbers flew past on the black screen. He knew several dims who were deaf or blind, and all of them were considered useless like Akma was, left out in the street to starve via survival of the fittest. If it wasn't for Tanta and other Dims charity, Akma and others would surely be dead. But with a pair of glasses, it seems that Akma, while crazy, could potentially be fit to work in the Tinderbox again with everyone else. Glass and wire.

Randa thought about that. This kid had points, and Zonia was right. He didn't look like a SWAT. Hell, they wouldn't even let him on the training course with how scrawny he was. What the boy said next, about the avian, about the wall, made him remember. That wall wasn't always there. But damn, they built it as fast as they could. Ever since then, he hadn't seen a human he liked. But was there a time when he did? It had been so long since he had seen a human not in a blue uniform.

As Randa fell into thought, Tanta had taken notice of Akma's poking and prodding, and had gone over to smack his hand off of a keyboard. Both of them were whisper arguing as Randa and Marshall talked before Tanta perked up. "Geneticist?" Randa had never heard the word, but Tanta had.

Marshall now had the interest of both Randa and Tanta. For Randa, he represented a link to the human world, and for Tanta, a trove of information that could potentially help better Dimkind, one Dim at a time. But most importantly, he could give insight into the world as it really were, not just behind the veil of the giant concrete and stone wall.

As Akma and Tanta went back to arguing, Randa approached Marshall once more.

"Well. I'm glad Zonia was here to calm me down. I hope you understand why I have my reservations... Not to mention something that happened last night. Its very wise for Zonia and I to be paranoid right now. "
He said looking around the room to her.

"But you need to help us." He continued. "We want change, and so do you. And if you help us out, maybe we can find out where your your friend was, if they're still alive." He didn't sugar coat it. But to show his opinion had changed, he held out his good hand, looking Marshall in the eye.

"Don't take this lightly, friend. This will be the first time I've ever wanted to work with a human. And this is the start of a revolution."

He waited to see if the young man would shake his hand.