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located in Tanta's shack, a part of Et Partitus, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tanta's shack

You'd never find it in the yawning expanse of shacks and hovels stretching up the mountain, unless you knew who you were looking for.


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Character Portrait: Zonia Jessup Character Portrait: Randa Dominga Character Portrait: Marshall Adonnis Shan Character Portrait: Akma "Silvertongue" Character Portrait: Tanta Ralland "Data"
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Zonia was happy to see she had calmed Randa down. She knows he has a right to be so paranoid, they both do. She takes a step back giving Randa a little elbow room and she gets lost in her thoughts. She tired to remember the time where the wall was just being built, she can hardly remember interacting or even seeing other human who were in all blue. Zonia's eye's turned to Tanta and Akma whom were arguing in a whispered tone, then back at Randa and Marshall who's conversation she could hear more clearly. She listened to Randa tell the poor boy some details as to why they were so paranoid and that he wanted his help. Her eye's widened a bit. Her tail flicked in excitement, Randa wanting a human's help? He must be desperate, however Zonia can see this boy wants to help as much as we need him. By the way he was talking he made it seem like he's had enough of the separation of the two species.

Zonia's eye's were fixed on the boy, ears perked up studying him. She'd never seen one this close up before, their skin was relatively smooth. The fur on top of his head looked silky in a way, but also soft. His body was scrawny, no way they'd let him be on the SWAT force no muscle to him. She smirked, to think she was afraid of him when he first was drug inside. If things work out well for them, they could have their little organization going smoothly. There's just one problem, where would this boy be staying. Would he risking leaving and reentering through the same hole in the wall where he came? He could always stay in the basement of her shop, where the meeting would be held, but she's not sure how homey it is in there. She'd want to clean it all up and make it into a kind of livable place, even for their meetings and such.

"Hey Randa. If things all work out and he's going to help us where would he stay? before speaking again, she clears her throat. Her eye's shift around to everyone "I mean are we going to risk him going through the same way he got in here? It could be dangerous." Zonia adds, she'd want the boy to be safe as for him being on their side. He'd be a valuable asset to the dim community.