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located in Rebel Camp, a part of Outcasters: Atonement, one of the many universes on RPG.

Rebel Camp

A small campsite belonging to the Fey Rebellion, which never seems to remain in the same place for very long.


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Antheia Ophiuchus

The dusking sky held a colourful palette of warm, smooth pastels as Antheia was on the brink of falling into a deep sleep. The sweet veil of slumber clouded her senses as the distant sound of the chattering rebellion slowly faded away.

A while after the two newcomers arrived, the camp grew quieter and it was not as crowded anymore. The sun's orange glare sent fiery rays on the various tents and wooden structures, resembling dancing flames.

The slumber’s claws would have almost completely pulled the shifter into its own realm if not suddenly her ear had twitched.

She felt another presence very close to her.

Opening one eye drowsily, she could make out the strange blur of a figure kneeling quietly in front of her. Since she was not sure if it was just the sleepy daze that distorted her vision, she now shot both of her dark eyes open and rubbed them slightly with her paws, like a human child would with its hands.

Her vision started to become clearer as she looked at the entity kneeling across from her. White and silvery armor adorned the humanoid figure from head to toe and a mask disguised their face. What seemed to be visual sensors, looked like blood-red eyes staring at her coldly and motionless.

Still not completely conscious from the daze, Antheia tilted her vulpine head and observed the creature more intently as if saying "Who are you?”. They did not seem to have one distinct scent either, and their shape slightly flickered in and out of reality, a bit like a glitching system.

A slight wave of concern started to wash over the shifter. She has never encountered anything like this entity before but that also made her quite curious. Getting up in a sitting position, she wondered: They must be part of the rebellion, right? How else would they get in here? Or were they an evil being that planned to destroy the rebellion? Another part in her mind told her though that this being was rather eccentric and their appearance had a more meaningful reason. ... or was it all just a dream in the end? Animanty normally did not dream though.

Despite harboring quite the mistrust towards the armored creature, Antheia remained calm and changed her expression to a gentle one. She nodded her head timidly as a sign of greeting and kept her gaze steadily on the masked face across from her, as if to invite them to speak - if they could.