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located in Rebel Camp, a part of Outcasters: Atonement, one of the many universes on RPG.

Rebel Camp

A small campsite belonging to the Fey Rebellion, which never seems to remain in the same place for very long.


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Hannah tilted her head a little to the white fox awakening, and to the look the fox had given her. Was this Antheia? The Animanty? The Realm Walker leaned in just a little bit.

She wanted to inquire, but she would need to see just how much she could transmute her voice. Realm Walkers weren't originally vocal, and they often talked to each other using their hands- as which was taught to them by the humans many many mortal sun cycles ago.

She spelt using a fist for the 'A', stuck her thumb between her middle finger and ring finger for the 'N', moved her thumb between her index and her middle for the 'T', pointed sideways with her index and middle for the 'H', made her fist into a paw-like form for the 'E', stuck her pinky up for the 'I', and again made her hand into a fist for the last 'A' before finishing with a hooked index finger to signify a question.


However, after completing her quick signing, she realized that no one here probably knew what she was trying to say.

Raising her hand so it touched the side of her throat, she tried to concentrate most of her focus to speak.

"Animanty..." Hannah spoke, her voice choppy and deep. "Are you Antheia, young one?"

Speaking seemed to allow her body to settle in this realm a little better, the wavering image appearing to stabilize. The setting sun cast almost golden and pink hues over the white of Hannah's armor, which also seemed to play along with the Animanty's fur.

"Do you know the creator of this world?" She asked, silently also keeping track of the other three auras that were still in this encampment.

She had to be swift, for she knew her presence here wouldn't be the most welcome. She was not part of the Rebellion, and in fact, predicted that her loyalties may lie with the being that created this realm. After all, her goals did not align with the Rebellion's or Remei's. She was more concentrated on getting this world stabilized.