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「 Kairo Choi ✧ 26 ✧ Location: Dance Studio ✧ Hex: #400E15 」

Kairo's gaze searched Ethan's feature for any sign of discomfort or panic, but there were none. Not like before, not like when he had first walked in and looked like he was seconds away from jumping out the nearest window. That was good, it meant that slowly, step by step, Kairo was already managing to make him feel a bit more at home. "Th-that's okay. I really liked it. You sing very well." the dancer merely smiled and nodded to acknowledge the compliment, but didn't speak to ensure Ethan continued his thought process. "Did you write that yourself? I had never heard it before." Kairo's eyebrows raised slightly at the sudden question. He wondered what had brought Ethan to immediately think he had written it? Did he look like the type to write songs, or was it simply so bad that he could only assume it was "homemade"?

"Ah, yes, I did actually." he said cautiously, watching for Ethan's body language. He let his elbows rest on his guitar, leaning back against the couch to take a more relaxed position. "The original was actually on the piano, but I can't exactly carry a piano around with me." he joked, adding in a soft half smile. "So I adapted it to usually helps me when I'm feeling stressed or anxious." he added the last part, not only to take away from the spotlight on Ethan, but also to give him a reminder that Kairo, too, was human. He too felt stressed, anxious, scared, and at times even useless. Without using the cliche phrase, "you are not alone", he wanted to let Ethan that he truly wasn't. Not anymore.