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located in Rebel Camp, a part of Outcasters: Atonement, one of the many universes on RPG.

Rebel Camp

A small campsite belonging to the Fey Rebellion, which never seems to remain in the same place for very long.


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Antheia Ophiuchus

Antheia - still in her vulpine form - observed the strange entity across from her as they moved their hands like some sort of communication. Their gestures changed from hands balling into fists to intertwining a thumb with another finger and more. The girl guessed that this was the only way how these beings could communicate but when she did not react to it, the creature actually spoke up.

"Animanty... Are you Antheia, young one?" their voice chimed arduously as if they had not spoken in a very long time. It reminded Antheia a little bit of how raspy her voice was when she first used it in this realm, shortly after she was saved from the troop of demon soldiers.

But the act of speaking actually seemed to strain the masked being, so she decided not to push them to talk by asking any questions.

The shifter was even more curious now though that they knew her name.
What do you know about me? she thought and squinted her tiny brown eyes slightly. Nevertheless, she gave the creature an affirmative nod and realizing that she might need to speak up too, she transformed back into her anthropogenic form, being in a squatting position now. She remained in that posture until they spoke up again.

"Do you know the creator of this world?"

Antheia looked at the other being insistently with her big, blue eyes and for a moment she got the impression that this creature was just another soul that ended up in this world by accident and looked for a place to stay - like her. But in that case they looked for none other than "who will be the world's saviour, as who was its creator".


The animanty of course had not forgotten about him. The one who's hearbeat was one with nature's.

She wondered how much exactly the white-armored creature knew about him, but she decided to at least give them his name.

Getting up to stand, Antheia opened her mouth.
"His name is Alec Iris," she said in a soft voice. "I saw him in this forest for the first time, but I don't know about his current whereabouts." That was half the truth. Antheia could still feel and hear that he was somewhere in the area but indeed did not know about his exact location.

The shifter somehow felt the urge to help this being out, but without the verification of their true intentions, she could not be sure whether they meant the world creator harm or not.