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located in Main Street 1, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Main Street 1

This is Wing City's Main Street - the long expanse on which most of Wing City's attractions are situated. It is in pristine condition, with the sidewalks clean and the street freshly paved.


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"Big words; keep up the facade. It'll only sting more when you fail..." He murmured, gesturing with an arm to let her pass. Antagonizing her could not be a more stupid thing to do, but she'd upset him. As she always managed to do. Something about her just seemed to scream insecure, or something similar. He couldn't understand why she'd simply target him for no other reason. Sure, his past slapped a massive caution label on him, but he'd made honest strides in rehabilitating and changing.

Did that truly make him any less of a monster for all the innocents whose lives he'd claimed? Certainly not. He'd always have to carry that baggage around with him. Always have to cast a glance over his shoulder to be sure none were tailing him; no authorities were there to apprehend him. And yet with all of that paranoia, not a single thing had come of it all; as if his potential record had been scrubbed clean. By who? He couldn't be sure. Perhaps the insidious individuals behind his creation? Likely, but he'd never truly contemplated on it all that much.

As he let her pass, and she began to put distance between the two of them; some compassionate side of him did stir to reach out.

"Aya..." He began, suddenly; his voice somewhat more gentle. "Try to rethink all of this. I really don't want to do this. I'm sure Sophie wouldn't either..." He murmured. Sure, she'd see some novelty in the fighting; think it's flashy, but he truly believed she wouldn't inherently enjoy her brother fighting her best friend, if not more a sister-figure than anything.