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Finger Wiggles and the Scot

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Most people would have lowered their hand, maybe stepped back when she opened the door. But he was still frozen. When she masked a giggle at the sight of him, he blushed slightly and dropped his hand to his side. In that moment, he thought she never looked prettier. There was something about seeing Petra in her natural state, unkept but true to who she is. It was stunning. No makeup with her hair half falling out of a ponytail into her face. The dust that covered her could be confused for snow for all he knew, but he hardly paid attention to it, for her face was always the most spectacular part.

Ross no doubt had a dumb goofy smile plastered on his face until it was interrupted by a sneeze. "Achoo! Sorry. Can I help you?" She looked up at him with a gentle smile waiting expectantly for his purpose for bothering her in the middle of the dust.

"Bless ya," he said in response to the sneeze. Ross' hand dug into his pocket, pulling out a handkerchief and held it out to Petra incase she needed it. "Ah, ya... right." His hand raised up to scratch his head, ruffling and messing up his hair without him noticing. Then this hand rubbed the back of his neck as he avoided eye contact. Why in the hell was he so nervous? He'd asked out girls plenty of times before the academy. But now, standing before Petra he was terrified. His palms were clammy and he wouldn't be surprised if she could hear his heart pounding.

"Aye uh... Had a question for ya. O' course, if ya don wanna, aye completely understand. There's no pressure 'er anythin'." He twiddled his fingers and twisted the hem of his shirt, avoiding eye contact as he struggled for words, instead talking in circles never getting to the point. Ross sighed, rustling his hair more, causing half of it to stand on end in every direction. "Aye was wonderin' if ya'd like ta go out with me... Like on a date?"

He paused for a moment to look up and meet her gaze. After taking a deep breath, Ross started rambling again. "Or, we could just hang out... Er, ya don't have to. It's whatever ya want. Aye don' want to make ya do somethin' you done wanna. But, aye would like to take ya out... ya know, on a date. But only if ya wanna.... Aye, uh... yeah," his voice trailed off, still too nervous to look up, scared of her rejection.