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Finger Wiggles and the Scot

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Petra was quiet... For a long while. As each second ticked by he grew more and more nervous. Maybe he should just walk away now and save her the trouble of finding the words to let him down gently. Ross could just break the silence, say he understands with a nod of his head then scurry down the hall before she could chase after him and make it worse. But as much as part of him wanted to run away quickly... without looking back, his feet were cemented in place. He found himself chewing at his bottom lip as he waited for an answer. It was funny, for how much he towered over her, in that moment he felt sheepish.

A soft touch brushed the back of his hand, causing Ross to slowly look up to meet her gaze. "Ross?" she finally said, breaking the silence. "I would love to go on a date with you. How does tomorrow evening sound?"

Ross let out a deep breath, only then realizing that he was holding his breath, waiting for her answer. He couldn't fight the cheesy grin that crossed his face from ear to ear. "Really?!" Was that really the first thing that came out of his dumb mouth? "Aye mean... Yeah, yeah. Tomorrow is great! Aye can come get ya at 7?... Ok? Ok." He nodded his head, still trying to let the reality that she said yes sink in.

After a moment of nodding his head, his grin grew, if that was even possible. "So, tomorrow. Yeah?" Ross opened his arms and half leaned in to give her a hug but froze at his own awkwardness. "Uh..." He laughed awkwardly as his nerves returned a bit. He then quickly leaned in, placing a soft gentle kiss upon her right cheek. "See ya tomorrow," he said still near her face in a hushed tone. He pulled back just enough to smile toward her and then made his way back to his penthouse to figure out a god damn plan.