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Finger Wiggles and the Scot

Petra & Ross


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"Really?!" Ross's excited expression had her smiling back, his enthusiasm infectious. "Really," she assured him. "7 is fine."

She stiffened briefly when he stretched his arms out, unsure if she was supposed to hug him back. Knowing Ross, he probably had some experience with girls, at least... but she had very little idea how to respond. She would have turned around and slammed the door in his face, if only to save herself the embarrassment, but just before she really went through with that idea he leaned down and kissed her cheek. His lips were warm where they met her skin, and it took all her willpower not to flush as he pulled away. "See you tomorrow," she managed to echo before he walked away and she shut the door, leaning against it to take a moment to store the memory of his smile as he left.

Oh gods. A date. She was so out of practice, she hardly remembered what people did on dates anymore. She hadn't even thought to ask where Ross wanted to go. How was she supposed to dress if she didn't know what they were doing?

Someone else might know. Grabbing her phone off the coffee table, she texted Tobias.

To: Tobias

Ross just asked me on a date. Help.

After sending the text, she stared at it a moment longer, then fired off another one.

To: Tobias

I mean what do I do. What do I wear.

That hardly began to cover her questions, but it would do for now. Hopefully he'd have some answers for her - she did not want to have to turn to the internet for help. Petra settled back down on the floor by her books, trying to occupy herself while awaiting the return texts, but her mind was no longer with the task at hand. Her eyes would slide to her phone, sitting on the floor by her crossed legs, and she'd forget what she intended to do with the book in her hand. Eventually she gave up, tossing it onto a random pile, and picked up her phone again, staring at it like she could mentally will Tobias to text back faster.