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Ross quickly returned to his penthouse, where he sat down in a bean bag chair trying to wrap his mind around everything. Part of him felt like it was all a dream, that he'd wake up to the reality that she rejected him or he never asked. Before he realized he was doing it, he pinched himself in the arm just to double check. Nope. Not a dream.

Then the truth sunk in even more... He had no plan. Ross spent the better part of an hour pacing around his room, trying to think of a perfect date. He thought about texting Tobias to ask what she likes. But then again, he wanted to think of something spectacular on his own. So, if she loved it... it was all him. In the end, she was on a date with him. And if he failed, it was being himself.

Ross didn't like the sound of that either, but it was the truth. As he walked around, he caught a brief glance out the window which instantly sparked an idea. He sprinted across his room in search for his phone and quickly dialed a number he never thought he would call.

"Ay, Happy? Aye need ta speak t' Mr. Stark."


Tobias relaxed on a large chaise in his penthouse with the doors to his balcony wide open letting the fresh breeze off the bay blow into the room. Off to the far side of his room a turn table played Symphonie fantastique 5th Movement while he read one of his favorite books, Pride and Prejudice. The books cover tattered and worn, held together with multiple pieces of tape. Those were his favorite moments to himself when he could enjoy a good book and classic music in his pajamas.

But even for a social outcast like himself, those moments always seem to be cut short. Tobias probably wouldn't have noticed his phone buzz if it weren't for a temporary lull in the song and him turning the page in the book. Not in the mood to get up or end his relaxation, he ignored it. Then not 30 seconds later it went off again. He sighed, finally setting down his book and getting to his feet. Tobias trudged over to the table where he kept his phone and illuminated the screen.

From: Petra
Ross just asked me on a date. Help.

From: Petra
I mean what do I do. What do I wear.

Tobias sighed, although a smile pulled at the corner of his mouth. About time he asked her out. He leaned back against the grand piano that lived in the center of the room, staring at his phone not knowing how to reply. He was by no means a dating expert. Looking back on it, he couldn't think if he'd ever been on a date. Period. So, she had more experience than him.

To: Petra
It's a date. Not the end of the world.

To: Petra
I have no idea... I've never been on a date.

He understood that he was the closest person Petra had at the academy. Neither one of them had much in the realm of friends nor experience socially when it came to other people besides their family. After a moment or two, he slowly wondered back over to his chair and took a seat. Even though it'd piss Petra off, Tobias decided to shoot Ross a text to attempt to diffuse some of her anxiety... And also, potentially, get her off his back about advice. Because, he didn't have any.

To: Ross
This is probably more awkward than it needs to be.
But since I have no experience in the matter... Would you mind
letting me know how Petra should dress for your date?

He waited for a handful of minutes. But when he didn't receive a text back immediately, he decided to return to what he was doing until otherwise notified. It was at least an hour before he got a response.

From: Ross
Oh... uh... Just tell her to dress however she feels comfortable. It's not formal.

From: Ross
No high heels!

Tobias chuckled as the second text came in quickly after the first. Then proceeded to share the information with Petra to hopefully calm her down.

To: Petra
Per Ross... Dress however you want, but no high heels.

After he sent the message, as a precautionary measure, Tobias got up and walked over to the entry door for his penthouse. He made sure to lock both the handle and deadbolt. Knowing Petra, she'd be less than thrilled that he contacted Ross. Anxiety and nerves wouldn't help that either. So, instead of dealing with her raging, only to quickly figure out she's being ridiculous and is secretly thankful he asked, Tobias opted to just avoid the situation all together. He put his phone on silent, setting it far out of reach. Then turned up his music and continued his reading.