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Finger Wiggles and the Scot

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Tobias's return text could not have come fast enough. Petra's phone buzzed, and she clicked the text open immediately.

From: Tobias

It's a date. Not the end of the world.

From: Tobias

I have no idea... I've never been on a date.

She was sunk. She knew he'd never been a social person, like herself, but to never have been on a date, ever? He would be of no help whatsoever. Dropping the phone, she ran her hands through her hair, frustrated. She'd just have to figure it out herself.

So sitting in front of the shelves became sitting on the bed, shuffling through the various items in her closet to try to pull something together that would look appropriate. Knowing Ross, it wouldn't be anywhere too fancy, but then again she wasn't known for her ability to dress casual.

From: Tobias

Per Ross... Dress however you want, but no high heels.

Petra gave the text a cursory scan. No high heels, that was a place to start. Wait a moment... "per Ross"?! A flush of embarrassment swept through her, and her grip on the phone tightened. Why Tobias would do such a thing was hardly the question - rather, what Ross now knew was a bigger concern. She was sorely tempted to go kick Tobias's door down and confront him, but a smaller, more logical part of her mind insisted that she could better spend her time now figuring out her plan. You can kick his door down later when he's off his guard, it insisted. And it was right, as she usually was when she followed her logic. So she took a deep breath, squished her panic down, and focused her energy on herself, even as her stomach churned with nerves.