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Ross was ready way too early and he was barely able to sleep the night before. Sure part of his evening and nearly the entire day was making sure everything was in order... Then quadruple checking it until it was close enough for him to get ready. At one point the day before he considered a very formal first date but they had already seen each other at about as formal as you could get. And Ross didn't feel the need to put on airs. He wanted to feel authentic, probably not the brightest idea he's ever had. Generally his authenticity tends to do him more harm than good... But he couldn't be himself in a tuxedo at a restaurant with food he couldn't pronounce and seven different forks.

He probably stared at his closet for an hour. Finally opting for something nicer than casual, but not super formal or uptight. In the end he need to be comfortable, with ample movement but, of course, he still wanted to look nice. Before getting dress though, Ross showered, coiffed his hair and even shaved away his normal stubble that covered his jaw. Once he put on his outfit he stood in front of the mirror, sizing himself up. Nothing felt right. He felt over dressed and under dressed. He regretted shaving but then again was glad he did. And all the while his stomach twisted in knots.

Ross checked himself in the mirror one last time before finally heading out of his room and toward the elevators. He tried to keep his breathing steady as he pressed the button for Petra's floor, riding in silence until the doors opened again. He waited so long without moving that the doors threatened to close him in again, his hand stopping them just before then did. He slowly walked down the hall adjusting his jacket and running a hand back through his hair.

He came to a stop before the door and cleared his throat as he prepared to knock. Ross fixed his hair one last time then finally knocked on her door. He waited patiently, chewing on his bottom lip slightly as he waited.

The second the door opened, although the nerves didn't disappeared they did subside. Ross' face instantly began to beam with happiness as his ear to ear grin returned. "Hey." He then instantly held out the bouquet of calla lilies he had hidden behind his back. "Aye uh... Thought roses 'er kinda corny. Thought aye'd get ya somethin' more unique and beautiful, like you."