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Finger Wiggles and the Scot

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Petra had made the right choices. She'd definitely kept on the right side of 'cute and not too formal' while ensuring that she'd be ready for any scenario Ross could cook up. So her nerves could go damn themselves, she looked good and she knew it.

In the hour leading up to the time Ross said he would pick her up, she'd done her makeup, trying to keep it light, and pinned her hair back. Nothing on the same level of what she did for that disastrous gala - everything was so complicated and formal - she knew she could take it easy with Ross. There wasn't any pressure on her to be all dolled up. With that all done, and still a few good minutes to go, she appraised her dress one last time in the mirror, making sure that everything was nice and neat and presentable.

She was expecting the knock at the door, but it still made her jump. She took a moment to press her hand to her chest, calming her racing heartbeat, before answering the door. "Hi."

"Hey." Gods, but she loved his smile. It was becoming clear, the reason for his reputation with girls. Did they all feel this way - taken off guard, but completely fine with it? It was a strange, foreign feeling, but definitely not unwelcome. The flowers were a lovely touch too, and Petra accepted them gratefully. "You needn't have, Ross," she said, trying to hide her smile behind the bouquet as she turned away. "Just a moment, please, I want to put these in water."

She didn't want to keep him waiting by the door, so she hurried into her kitchen area, summoning a glass from where they were stacked and filling it with tap water. The flowers were set by the kitchen window, to soak up the setting sun. Petra returned quickly to the door, holding something out to Ross. "I've got something for you too - it's clean now. Thank you." It was his handkerchief, washed and ironed and now neatly folded in her palm. Slinging her purse across her body, she pulled the door shut behind them. "So, where are we going?"