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located in Finger Wiggles and the Scot, a part of Mirrored Perception, one of the many universes on RPG.

Finger Wiggles and the Scot

Petra & Ross


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"A surprise," Petra echoed faintly, slipping her hand around Ross's proffered arm. She let him lead them towards the elevator, though she was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't realise that Ross's face was right next to hers until he whispered, "Ya look absolutely stunnin'."

"Thank you. You look great too," she returned, taking a moment to notice and appreciate that he had shaved, and that he smelled really nice. She touched the fabric of her dress selfconsciously. There was no need to worry about the way she was dressed after all, if he liked it. Though she lowered her gaze, she remained acutely aware of his eyes on her the rest of the way down, until the lift dinged and the door slid open again. If the other students could see her now, this meek and peaceful version of her, they might not even recognise her, she thought.

To her surprise, he led her out the back entrance, towards the garden. A lovely spot, and one where she liked to spend her time when she wasn't cooped up in her apartment, just appreciating the peace - as opposed to inside the Tower, where someone was always bound to be yelling or throwing weapons. They didn't stop in the garden, though, continuing on through the worn path until her oxfords sank into soft sand. She glanced up, and the view slowed her footsteps for a moment. Though it wasn't yet sunset, the clouds were already stained a pale orange, the sun dipping lower in the sky. Ross's arm slipped a little in her grip, jerking her back to the present, and she continued following him, all the way down to the dock by the sailboat.

Petra watched as Ross brought the boat closer, then fetched the ramp for her to cross over on. "Aye hope ya aren't afraid of water."

"Not at all," she assured him. Still, she reached for his hand, holding it tightly as she stepped onto the ramp and into the boat. The water created a gentle rocking motion beneath her feet, just enough to throw her off balance, and she stumbled a little, her grip on Ross's hand tightening. "Sorry. I'm fine." She smiled at him, grateful. "I just need to find my sea legs." She moved to the front of the boat, staring out over the water that stretched out into the distance. Nothing stunning, but the quiet, broken only by water lapping against the side of the boat, and the company made it all worthwhile.