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"Ah, yes, I did actually." Ethan was thoroughly impressed that Kairo wrote a song. There is a certain level of discipline and patience one must have in order to do such a task. Ethan can barely sit still to complete a task without wandering thoughts and doubt. But that has more to do with his severe anxiety than anything else. Ethan was trying to imagine what would be like to write a song and be able to sing it. He was never given the gift of song, not like his mother and not like Kairo. But every now and then he will hum something because it makes him comfortable. "The original was actually on the piano, but I can't exactly carry a piano around with me." Ethan added piano player that made his therapist so talented.

"So I adapted it to usually helps me when I'm feeling stressed or anxious." Ethan raised his eyebrow at Kairo. His therapist got anxious? He was wondering what kind of things that he got nervous about. Probably about his job? Or his bills? At least he was functioning and trying to help other people. Ethan was just trying to keep his thoughts from making him kill himself. If all he worried about her bills and his job, that would actually be better. "Well it was a really good song. You should sing during all of our sessions..." Ethan stated, shyly running his fingers through his hair. He glanced over at the clock and then back at his therapist. "Th-this was fun...but I think I should go." It was weird having to be with someone so new. He just wanted to go home and relax.