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The West

A vast expanse of Ocean that stretches into infinity, broken only by scattered islands that grow fewer the farther one goes. Many myths tell of what lies beyond it, but few that venture that far return.


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Ashen Sky had been checking the rigging of the boat. It had been a bit of a wonder to him that they sails seemed to adjust themselves of their own accord. The first thought he had had when stepping aboard this ship was that it had been too long since he been at sea. The sight of sails and oars and a mast had been almost nostalgic to him. The second thought had been how immaculate the vessel was. Even the ropes seemed to be made of silk, to say nothing of the decorations along it's walls and it's rails. This seemed more like the luxury yacht you'd suspect to see putting about carrying a realm dynast with little sense aboard, and some bloke had sent it to sea just to ferry them. It really raised a question in him mind of what kind of person this Fakharu person was that he'd send it so far just for help. And that he'd send it for HIM of all people. He hadn't been a chosen of Luna long, but since is second breath he had apparently gained a lot of attention on himself rather quickly.

Well, him and others. He wasn't blind to the fact that a sizable crew had been assembled for this venture that they were being asked to aid with. All of them apparently exalted if they had the same letter as he. And as what appeared to be the last of their assembled party boarded the shouting had started. And here came the third thought to go through his mind as he turned to the irate northern woman, spontaneously taking the form of a beast that marked her as a fellow lunar, who was screaming at another man in a ghastly ensemble. Just the general look of the man reminded him immediately of the sailors of skull stone. And though he had no love for the men of that collection black islets. He let out an exasperated sigh and started walking forward to get between the two. And as he did so he muttered under his breath something about 'not taking tha womenfolk out ta sea.' The... creature at the back of the ship stirred at the growing confrontation, and it's tendrils seemed to grow a foot or so longer, but it stopped as Ashen Sky started making his toward the Duo.

Stepping behind the large warform of the now taller lunar, he coughed slightly to get her attention. "Miss'm," He started in a accented form of river speak. "There are a number of things I don't be liking about this 'er voyage that keep me from bein' comfortable. Personally, out 'ere in tha west it's considered invitin' ill fortune to bring..." He stopped and looked the massive tiger woman up and down and decided to think about what he was going to say next before he invoked the other lunars wrath on him instead. "Well, folks like yer self lets say, out to open sea like this. And while I are not happy with some arrangements I am willing to put em pass me for the time being, since it ain't OUR issues that we been called upon to help sort out. Now If I might ask ye here an now what nature of your grudge with this er man is before ye start a brawl with 'em on ship?" Subtly he was playing up his own his own accent for the short term, inserting a few bits of sea tongue into his High Realm. The idea was to make her pause and try to decipher his speech a bit, a tactic he used before to get someone to shut up and listen to him in the past. And as he spoke, he subtly activated EMOTION SHAPING TECHNIQUE, allowing the essence to flow through his mangled words and try to instill a sense of relaxation into her mind.