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Finger Wiggles and the Scot

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"Not at all," Petra reassured him as she took his hand. Ross gave her a gentle smile as his fingers gently wrapped around her small hand, helping her forward as she came across the ramp and onto the boat.

As the water gently caused the boat to sway, Petra was thrown off balance. Instantly, Ross tightened his grip on her hand as hers did. His left hand moved her waist to help steady her. "Woah." He gave a soft, nervous chuckle as he helped her gain her balance.

"Sorry. I'm fine," Petra said with a smile. "I just need to find my sea legs."

Ross was hesitant to let go, worried she may misstep yet again. But once she seemed ok, he slowly released her waist and hand, allowing her to explain the boat and wonder up to the bow. He smiled to himself as he removed his sports jacket, laying it along the top of a nearby platform. He then unbuttoned his cuffs and rolled up his sleeves to the bend in his arm, occasionally sneaking glances over at Petra while her attention was elsewhere.

He let her enjoy the view as Ross got to work with getting the boat ready. Although it'd seem strange to others, he was happy that there wasn't much wind that day because it would ruin some of the things he already had planned and set up. Plus, the sailboat did have an engine which would suffice for what he needed. Ross walked over to the side of the boat and untied the tethers. Ross then slowly walked up behind Petra, gently alerting her to his presence with a hand brushing the middle of her back. "Aye'm 'bout ta push off. Ya may hold onta somethin'." His thumb gently stroked her back for a moment as he smiled to her before walking back over to the side of the boat. When Petra seemed prepared, he reached over the edge and pushed off the dock, causing the sailboat to slowly float away from the pier.

Ross moved behind the helm and grasped the key. Before he started it, he looked over toward his red headed company. "Would ya want ta learn?" With his left hand on the wheel, he motioned his free hand out in a welcoming manner. Of course, if she didn't want to, she could sit back and relax as he got them to where they needed to go. It was entirely up to her as to what she wanted and was comfortable with.