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located in Te-Fiti's Island, a part of 4009, one of the many universes on RPG.

Te-Fiti's Island

Known for it's large amount of Starfruit trees and berry bushes, Te-Fiti is a fruitful island. It has the biggest trading Marketplace.


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The room was spinning at a million miles per hour as Lilith's eyes fluttered open to the sunlight coming in through her open balcony. As she sat up in her bed, her head felt like it was about to explode. Groaning she rubbed her face until she could see clearly, her room was trashed. Curtain's ripped in half falling from the ceiling, fluffy feathers all over the room. "What happened last night?" She asked herself out loud as she continue to look at the damage done to her room, she knew this wasn't going to look so good on the pre-celebration from O'Stara. She didn't know how she was going to explain this to her adviser.

She noticed her family portrait was the most destroyed item in the whole room, it looked as if someone had tried to climb it multiple times before releasing it wouldn't hold them. She walked over broken wood, books and the ripped out pages, pieces of furniture before she got to the wall across from her bed. She reached out to touch the soft family portrait, as she did the whole thing fell, revealing a weird stone wall. Her jaw dropped at the ancient carvings within the wall, markings carved into the wall in the shape of a door. She pushed on the stone wall to try to get it to move, unfortunate it didn't work."What is this.." She said as she started running her fingers over the writings trying to find a weak spot in the wall.

As her index finger ran over the middle of the door her finger got pricked by a needle, she retreated her hands from the door as she knelt down to look at the spot on the door. A small sound from a mechanical system came from behind the door and the middle of the door slid open a small compartment. As Lilith looked at the shape now in the middle of the door, she recognized the shape from her childhood. Her eyes watered as she thought of the necklace her mother use to wear. The old Egyptian amber beetle that was encase with silver liquid. Quickly she ran to her desk to pull out a wand that she used for guidance with spells. She waved it across the portrait, waving the wand towards the ceiling as she watched the portrait go to it's once beautifully sewn curtain."Nobody can know of this, for now.."

Sweat dripped from her forehead down her chin as she wasted through what little energy she had left, by the time she was done fixing her entire room it was time for her to start getting ready for the day so more sleep wasn't an option. As she was about to head to her bathroom to get ready she saw Constantine's necklace he had gifted her last night laying on her bedside table. She smiled to herself as she reached for it, putting it around her neck as she got ready for the day. Lilith took an extra hour in her closet coming up with the perfect white colored combo for today's attire.

As soon as she opened her bedroom doors she expected the hallway to be empty, however she was sadly disappointed by the unpleasant welcoming of Viktor her adviser and his four servants. He eye'd Lilith's attire before smiling in approval. "It's great to see you are finally getting the hand of a queen's fashion senses."

"What? I never lost my royal fashion sense. There's a fine difference from fashion senses and fashion taste." Lilith explained as she exhaled, walking out into the hallway. The whole crew that had greeted her at her bedroom door followed behind her heels. Her shoulders were grabbed by Viktor as he started guiding her away from the dinning hall and towards her throne room.

"Sorry, your Highness. There's no time for breakfast today, straight to the throne room. We already have a line from the front gates to the docks awaiting to give you their gifts." He stated as she began to argue her case, Lilith shut her mouth, rolling her eyes as she continued towards the throne room. Before she was to enter she had to switch crowns from her little headband to the large silver and diamond plated crown that she had learned over the years to hold steady on her head.

As she walked outside the cheering begun, making her recall last nights speech. This morning everything was to be done fast, no big speech. Her job was to walk all the way down to the docks to wish all the navy seals a safe trip and to personally open the shields so every navy ship could leave together. The list of every family she would be talking to was quickly shoved in her hand. She looked down at the list and groaned at the name 'Azazel', she had forgotten that he was first to give her his gift.

As she made it down the long tedious stone staircase she greeted Azazel with a hug, putting on her famous smile. She kissed both his cheeks before stepping back, she noticed how the three crew members wore bandannas just as he did, hiding their faces. She honestly thought she didn't know any of them, even unable to see the color of their eyes. "Thank you, Azazel and your fearless crew for joining us last night. Your company was refreshing at the beach also. I am here to personally accept your gift for the island of Te-Fiti, what will you be offering us this year?" Lilith asked him cocking her head to side, she watched as he pulled out a folded piece of paper and handed to Lilith, he didn't say anything, his eyes appeared to be locked on hers the whole time.

Lilith's face blushed as she noticed this, taking the paper to break the eye contact. As she read over the paper she took a deep breath in, trying to recover any immediate stress she received from reading Azazel's letter. "You are giving me your oath to serve under the Captain of my Navy. Wow, that's such great news. As O'Stara's festival rules I'm sure your aware that I cannot deny such an offer to another royal member of the court. I trust I will see you at dusk at the docks, I trust you now know you must lead the journey out of the docks." Lilith passed the letter to Viktor who read it over quickly, he took a deep breath, his eyes going wide as she leaned over and whispered what her next response should be.

Lilith looked Azazel in his red eyes as she reached for his hand, giving him a firm goodbye hand shake. "Thank you for taking on this responsibility Captain. I will send word when I have orders. Please enjoy the rest of the festival." She smiled as she walked down the road away from Azazel and his crew, to the next crew that had gifts for her. A foreign crew that she didn't know to much about, she waited patiently for the language adviser to explain what the Captain was giving her.


Upon awaking with the sun peaking up through the water, Joel sat up, realizing he had gone up to the decks to sleep instead of down in the bunker with Rin. There was something uneasy about the island last night that had him on his own personal lockdown. As he rose to his feet he saw the bridge wasn't connected to the docks anymore and Constantine was coming up the rope ladder. "I guess we're leaving pretty early then?" He asked, though Constantine really didn't answer him. Joel wondered if he was in ghost form or if Constantine was just focused on something in his head. He disappeared behind his Captain's courtier doors.

As Joel was headed downstairs he past Rin, coming up. "Enjoy chores, I guess." He said as he disappeared into the mist of realty, his spirit floating over the ship that was starting to sail away from the docks. He watched as everyone fell into their positions, he decided to stalk Rin, watching her work. He wanted to observe her to understand exactly what type of person she had grown up into since the last time he had granted her a wish. Although back then he was only granting one wish per person now he was up to three wishes, like the true genies before him.

He leaned back, leaning against gravity to take the weight off of him. Joel wasn't sure if he could remember where he came from and what his childhood was like, however he didn't care too much. All he knew was his life now, granting wishes and moving on. There was no way out of it, it was hard to permanently kill a genie, he had heard of it being possible but he had tried to off himself so many times, nothing worked yet.

After a while of watching Rin, she just kept mopping, it became to bore him so he decided to go stalk someone else. He tried to enter Constantine's room, when he couldn't walk through the door it suddenly opened and Constantine looked at him dead in the eye. "Even in the spirit world you cannot enter without my consent." He shut the door in Joel's face after saying that.

"Well okay then!" Joel screamed at the door, knocking over all the swords that hung on the wall next to the door. He looked back to Rin who looked spooked by the sudden disturbance and nobody around. "Well.. Eh, I don't care." Joel muttered turning to go see what the cook was doing.

As he turned to face the hallway he had walked into he screamed loudly as a horn impaled him... Well not really, since he was a ghost. He turned to see Yuna running up the stairs to the deck that he just came from. "I thought I was sneaky." Joel whispered to himself as he clung to his shirt, his heart pounding from the sudden event, where did that kid have to go in such a hurry? An imagine appeared in his head of Yuna falling and getting her horn stuck in the deck flooring, that instantly made him feel better hoping he'd actually be able to see that one day.

Joel stepped into the kitchen, he expected Seraphine to be dancing around making food, but she was reading a book at her small kitchen table. She wore a brown tattered shirt and blue shorts, it was obvious she had messed with the shorts to make room for her tails to come out a custom made hole. It actually worked the more Joel thought about it. Seraphine didn't look so good, sick or sad, he couldn't really tell her emotions. She looked like she was rolling around in flour and oil, breadcrumbs stuck out in her hair and her blue orb was a black color, something he hadn't seen yesterday.

Not wanting to get caught up in whatever drama was happening in the kitchen he slowly backed out and retreated back to the docks to sit on the deck railing and stare at the water while the crew members all played their part on the ship that was well out of few from the little island.


It started like a normal day for Seraphine, or so she thought as she started to get up. The last thing she could remember was leaving the ship long after everyone had gone to bed. She remembered getting into a debate with Falkor, however getting back to the ship was all a blur. She rubbed her stomach, it felt tight and sore. She ran to the bucket in her room to throw up anything she had eaten before she went to bed. She never got sick, what was this? Suddenly she was all better, she took a deep breath before she grabbed her toiletries and went to the bathroom.

Her shower was long and relaxing, her tails took forever to wash mainly because the feeling of water on her fur was an uncomfortable feeling. Not to mention it put so much weight on her hips and lower back. She hadn't successfully found a way to 'work out' her tails besides throwing stuff with her tails, which didn't come in handy like she thought it would.

After getting ready for the day Seraphine quickly got started in the kitchen, lightening a fire for the stone oven and started to boil some water for warm tea to serve with at the breakfast bar she was going to do. Everyone had a busy day of chores, so during the morning real breakfasts weren't really a thing. However she always delivered breakfast to Constantine, it was how she got what to make for lunch and dinner. He would sip on his tea and pick at the food she would bring him. Then he would tell her what to make for lunch and dinner and to be on her way.

Seraphine carefully cut up a bag small bag of potatoes into small cubes, she rinsed them over cool water and then placed them in a basket. She added three more pots of water over the fire stove top, dumping the potatoes in one of those pots. She then placed a bag of eggs into the other pot and a handful of fruit in the third pot. As she could hear the water within the large iron kettle pot start to boil she grabbed the large wooden tray she normally put Constantine's breakfast on and placed it on the table. As the kettle started to whistle she had placed freshly peeled hard boiled eggs, bread, cheese and a cup on the tray. She split the boiling water in two tea pots, placing one on the tray and the other on the counter in the kitchen. If Yuna or Rin were hungry they would know to fix their selves a plate from within the kitchen.

Seraphine fixed some dough up and placed it in her metal dish. Next she cut up the boiled fruit and put them in a bowl, she mixed honey, sugar, and cinnamon in with the fruit before placing it in the middle of the dough. She covered the whole thing in oil and placed it inside the stone oven. As she waited for it to cook she decided to read the next chapter in a book that she had been reading over the last two months, rarely did she ever find time to read it. It took her three days to read one chapter because the baking process of breakfast only ever took ten minutes and it turns out she was in fact a super slow reader.

After her fruit creation was done she took portions and separated them on plates, one of those being on Constantine's tray. Seraphine knew the Captain liked fruit so she gave him more than she normally would. After his tray had the right amount of food on it she grabbed Falkor's recipe book and the tray she happily walked up to Constantine's corridors.