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Ethan was actually a bit excited to see Kairo today. He was starting to enjoy the sessions they had. It was different from his sessions with Marissa. When he was with her, it was very formal. She would ask him a generic question and he would answer vaguely. Then she would ask if there was a deeper meaning and then with her mental manipulation, Ethan would confess to basically everything that hew as feeling for the past week. This was actually one of his better weeks. Clark managed to get all the work he needed done for work. He spent some time with his parents which came with its own anxiety, but it wasn't anything that he couldn't handle. Overall, he was having a good week. This was rare and he was trying to enjoy it while he could. Part of enjoying his week was arriving on time to his music therapy session. Spending as much time as he could Kai would be the best part of his week.

Since meeting with Kai on a weekly basis, Ethan has opened up to him rather quickly. He doesn't completely trust the man yet, keeping some of his dark thoughts to himself. But for the most part, he tries to talk to him. What makes his session so different from Marissa, is that it is informal. And they have more of a conversation and that eases Ethan's nerves a lot. He made his way into the dance studio. Ethan kindly waved hello to the receptionist like he did every time he walked in. He made his way through the halls and down the stairs. He pushed the heavy studio doors open and glanced around the room. Ethan quickly locked eyes with Kai, who was across the room. "Hi. I'm on time, right?" He was sure that he was, but he could just have easily arrived early due to the eagerness of wanting to be at this session. "I-I wrote down some songs I thought we could listen to today.." Despite his new comfort around Kai, he still got a bit nervous around the male. Ethan hasn't admitted to anyone that he had a minor crush on his music therapist and he doesn't plan on telling anyone anytime soon. "W-we should start with A-adorn by Miguel and th-then Novacane by Frank Ocean.." He moved to sit on the couch. "I know they aren't um new, but they uh soothe me."