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located in Airdalen Academy, a part of No-Go AA+, one of the many universes on RPG.

Airdalen Academy



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Character Portrait: Tsukiko Kitogawa Character Portrait: Chase Kaufman
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While it was a little presumptuous, Tsukiko didn’t suspect Chase would say no. She had to stress to herself that he could possibly have other plans. It wasn't something she was used to where the tall blond male was concerned, but it seemed that many things had changed and besides, running into each other this time was completely by accident, like a strange twist of fate. Miyuki often preached to Tsukiko to never assume anything, but she was hoping that Chase would accept her offer nonetheless. While she could rely on Miyuki to keep her safe at the party if she REALLY needed someone, she did not wish to do so if it was avoidable. While he wasn’t entirely a buzzkill, he always ended up acting like one whenever her wellbeing was concerned.

”How can I refuse?”

Eh? The way he smirked at her offer and accepted the invite made her blush, one of the few times she had ever in Chase’s presence. Tsukiko felt the familiar warmth rush through her, unaware that her cheeks were flushed. Her lips curled up, a huge smile capturing her features. It wasn't the kind of smile she practiced for photos, the Duchenne marker noticeable, something that was not present in her photos as Mae Seung Jin. It was impossible to stop it though. She wasn't conservative like her parents or the rest of the Kitogawa family, far from it. While Korean’s and the Japanese were not typically open to expressing emotion in excess, her time in other countries had molded her into a bold young woman and a liberal. As Chase seemed to pause before fully sliding into the car, Tsukiko tilted her head as she looked up at him, baffled by his half-in and half-out position.

”I promise as your honored plus one, we'll have the time of our lives tonight.”

For a moment Tsukiko was shaken by his sincerity, her already flushed cheeks further darkening, but shook it off. It had simply been too long. Nearly two years... a lot had changed and she couldn't help seeing him a bit differently. He had grown in a lot of ways, and while he was still recognizable as the boy she spent every moment she could with when they wound up in the same cities, it was impossible to ignore how he had grown up. As he called someone, Tsukiko brushed a hand through her hair. Leaving it down meant she had to fuss with it more to keep it presentable.

”Oh Anzu, gomen ne. I am spending time with a good friend so I will not require travel arrangements today. Please take care of the house in my absence. Arigatou. I will see you tomorrow.”

ImageAvoiding listening in was unavoidable as they were next to each other. He doesn't plan to go home? Does that mean he wanted to stay the night with me at Miyuki’s place or... does he have plans with someone else later? It was difficult to contain her jealousy that was daring to flare up at the thought, even though they had never been romantic with one another, she didn't like to share. As childish and illogical as it was, Tsukiko was like a stubborn child refusing to share her toys. If he wanted to stay, she'd definitely open her home to him. While they had stayed with one another when they were younger the prospect of doing so now made her a bit nervous as memories of her most recent tryst with one Miyamoto, Kazuki. While she knew nothing would happen between herself and her dear friend, it was impossible to see him as just the young boy she remembered. Even as she felt herself grow a bit nervous, Tsukiko refused to turn him away. He was her only cherished friend, however, so Tsukiko shoved her thoughts into a little box and refused to acknowledge them any further. Humoring it would only breathe life into what she was feeling and she was certain it was not something she should explore. They were friends. He was the only one she had, she was just confused, it would fade after she adjusted to all of the changes. ...It has to...

”Everything has been taken care of on my end.”

It took Tsukiko a moment to adjust as she settled her gaze back on her best friend. His eyes had always been her favorite feature of the Hawaiian. Blue. It was not a color she often saw in Korea, at least where eyes were concerned. Brown, like her own, was the norm, “Lovely, I’ve always enjoyed having you all to myself.” Tsukiko laughed, only half joking. The pinkette was a very possessive person, whenever she had company of the male variety she truly wanted their undivided attention as much as possible.

”Tell me, what have I missed?”

Upon feeling their shoulders come into contact, Tsukiko’s eyes widened just a bit. She wasn’t too surprised though as Chase often stayed close during a conversation, “Well... I began a music career, I am working on my second album, the first outside of Korea and this time in Japanese as I moved to Japan. I made Miyuki-sama agree to let me stay a year so my studies are not affected.” Tsukiko explained before blinking a few times rapidly, realizing that she’d rambled on quite a bit. Her hand then fell to his knee, giving it a soft squeeze despite the racing of her heart. It wasn’t the first time she’d done this, they were so close in their younger years and neither of them were afraid of affection, “Gomen ne~ I didn’t mean to make it all about me. How have you been, Aein? [Korean for: Sweetheart, couple, lover]” Tsukiko asked, turning the conversation to him. This was something she often did after the loss of Mikoto, talking about herself was not something Tsukiko particularly enjoyed, but she humored Chase a bit more than others. He knew her story about her dead ex-boyfriend. One time a younger, inadvisably drunk Tsukiko had confessed everything she was denying sober, every detail she denied.

Due to their conversation, Tsukiko didn’t even note that they were in motion, and meanwhile, Miyuki drowning the teens out as best he could despite his protective nature where Tsukiko was involved. While he wasn’t especially fond of ANY male that came close to the K-pop idol in his charge. He was expected to take care of her in this country that was so foreign to her. She hadn’t been to Japan in many years, but it was Miyuki’s home. He’d lived there a majority of his life. As her, manager it was natural to want to protect her but he also watched her grow. He found her when she was quite young, molded her into the young lady she had become, he couldn’t help seeing her as his own daughter. He couldn’t toss aside his instinct to protect her.

As they made it to a shopping center, Miyuki sighed, handing each of them a beanie cap and sunglasses, “In and out, understood? Don’t dawdle. As both of you are aware pictures are quite damning. Please exercise caution for both of your reputations, but Mae Seung Jin, unfortunately, has much more to lose as a woman.” The dark haired man sighed, obviously frustrated by the double standards and high expectations of idols in Asian culture. It wasn’t fair but it was a cruel reality nonetheless.

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