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Ethan settled more on the couch. Kai went to get them snacks and a drink. It was a normal part of their sessions. They would eat snacks, listen to music, and talk. Ethan did most of the talking, but he was becoming more and more okay with that. He hasn't revealed anything that felt too personal or too revealing. He has admitted to loving kettle corn and sweet tea. They were his go to snack and drink. Kai seemed to like it too since he would have it stocked for their sessions. 'Or he was just using the snack to manipulate you into getting comfortable with him.' He shook the thought away, as he took hold of the sweet tea bottle. "We can listen to Frank Ocean first...I actually have some other songs I like by him.." He added in. He opened up the bottle and took a sip from it. Kai settled down next to him. It was a big mental step for Ethan to finally start sitting next to his therapist. It was a big mental step and there are still some days where he wants to sit on the other couch. But Ethan forces himself to sit next to him for two reasons. One. He is trying not to be afraid of confessing things to Kairo or of him in general. Two. He has a crush on the older male and just wants to be close to him. Ethan ate a few pieces of kettle corn. "Let me start telling you about my day, before I get too scared." He admitted with a shy smile. "It was actually one of my uh better weeks. For the first time in a long time I felt like things were actually going my way." Ethan added with a brighter smile before eating more kettle corn.